Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face

Clear skin is a dream of every woman. Dark spots on the skin, especially on facial area can be pretty embarrassing and it can cause several hitches. Acne is the main root cause of getting dark spots on the face. Usually acne subsidies by itself and without leaving any spot or mark, but if it get scratched or deliberately broken, then the acne leaves a mark behind and can become a cause for sensitivity and concern. Dark spots affect both dark skin people and fair skin people. With the growing age, you also get dark spots on legs, as your body may start producing excess melanin pigment which causes darker skin.

Instead of taking expensive trip to your dermatologist, you can take the help of your kitchen. Kitchen has lot of rich ingredients which can help to cure dark spots and these techniques can be tried by sitting at home. The home remedies have listed down.

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and lime is a rich source of vitamin C and is a natural bleaching agent. Among all citrus fruits, lemon is the most efficient and effective home remedy which can cure dark spots. Take out fresh lemon juice, dab a cotton swab into it and rub it on the affected skin part. The citric juice from the lemon will work as bleach and it will clear the skin.

Various concoctions: Apart from lemon juice, various ingredients available in home can be used to remove the dark spots. You can make different fruit masks by adding lemon juice or lime juice into vegetables like carrot, cucumber and papaya. Apricots can also be mixed with lemon juice to make a facial mask. Apply the mask on the face for about 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Mixture of parsley juice, red current juice can be added with few lemon drops, it can be used as a moisturizing cream to clear the skin. This mixture also helps in lightening brown spot and freckles.

Milk and honey can be used as natural remedies to clear the dark spots. Milk can even replaced with buttermilk or sour milk, as both contain lactic acid. Milk gives gentle peeling effect and fades off the dark spots. On the other hand honey rejuvenates skin and gives glow. To get the more lightening effect honey can be applied with wheat germ.

Sandalwood paste: Mix sandalwood powder with glycerin, lemon juice and rose water, prepare a thick paste using these ingredients. Apply it on the dark skin spots and then leave to get it dry naturally.

Fresh vegetable cut slices are another good home remedy which can lighten dark spots. Take chilled slices of potato, tomato or cucumber and rub it gently on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel is a natural cleanser and can be used regularly as a face wash to get the required result.

It is always recommended to apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house. Get the facial done at least once in a month to improve your skin tone. Wash your face with cold water before and after bed.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Shaping up your body for any special cause where you want look more smart and beautiful, then you will find various ways to reduce your pounds, then tie your knots and get ready for fast weight loss. Basically inadequate physical activity, eating disorders and certain health problems like thyroid can increase your body shape. Hectic lifestyle which increases lot of stress and strain can also trigger this problem. Here are few home remedies which can help you out in reducing your belly fat within short period of time. Adopting natural ways to lose weight fast is harmless, reasonable and are better for long term results, compare to expensive weight loss programs or surgeries. Following are some ways for how to lose weight fast at home:

Establish a clear, measurable and attainable goal, do not cheat yourself. Make a plan in such a way that you can easily follow it. Before making a diet plan, list out those food items which can increase fat level and try to eliminate those from your daily eating habits. Don’t impose yourself for too many restrictions and drastic changes.

Green tea and caffeine: research has found that if you combine caffeine and green tea, it will help to boost metabolism and suppress the appetite. Take this effective remedy to burn extra fat twice in a day and keep your regular exercise routine with this green tea supplement, it will surely show the results.

Consume fruit smoothies: Nutrition balance breakfast is a fantastic way to keep yourself healthy and it will also give a kick start to your metabolism. If you improve your body metabolism, it will help you in reducing body fat. You can prepare a healthy drink by choosing right ingredients which contains essential vitamins, fiber, protein, minerals and fatty acids which will give delicious taste. Take one cup rice milk, one cup orange juice, one cup soy milk, one banana, one tablespoon aloe juice, four strawberries and one tablespoon flaxseed oil. You can prepare fruit smoothies with these ingredients. You can even make changes as per your taste habits and can make healthy.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy which can help in weight loss. It increases metabolism and helps in burning extra calories. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar with 16 oz. of water, consume this mixture sip by sip throughout the day.

Routine exercise should be part of your regular routine, it’s like committing to a relationship. Even if you change your desk place or walk for five minutes in every one hour, it will help in reducing burning extra calories.

Opt for low calories food: Be honest with what you are eating. A low-calories balanced diet will really works well.

Maintain body hydration: Consume 3-4 liters of water every day, do not your body get dehydrated, it will help in throwing out all the toxins from your body.

Maintain food schedule: Never skip your meals, rather you can make 5-6 rounds of small meals. Serve yourself with fruit and vegetables between the meal intervals. You can eat whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, whole grains, low-fat yogurt, and fruits and try to avoid fried food items. This will help in maintaining consumption of fewer calories which helps in weight loss.

Neck Pain Relief Home Remedies

Neck pain is a common disorder and in today’s hectic world almost every individual is inflicting with this problem. Usually in case of neck pain upper back region and lower neck region get affected. This area bears our head weight and three neck joints are mainly responsible for the flexible movement of head and neck. Common causes for neck pain include long phone calls by bending head one side or without a headphone, improper sleeping positions and sleeping without pillows, sitting on the armchairs for long time with high armrests, improper sitting positions. Instead of taking aspirins or painkillers it is better to follow natural and home remedies.

Ice pack or wrap ice cubes around your neck with the help of thick towel. Ice pack usually helpful in case of injury, then it will help in reducing the swelling.

Heat: To soothe your neck pain alternate cold and hot therapies are the best solution to get rid of neck pain. Apply a cold compress around the neck and then again give hot pad application to the same area. Hot pads can also be replaced with warm shower.

Stretching exercises: Few exercises which can stretch your neck muscles can be done in case of neck pain. Stretching exercises not only reduces the existing neck pain, but also prevents from future neck aches.

Relaxation techniques: Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are the most useful and efficient home remedies for neck pain. These techniques helps in reducing tension and stress caused due to hectic lifestyle and also relaxes neck muscles.

Right postures: Basically improper sitting posture leads to severe neck pain. If your work makes you to sit for long time, then gives your back proper support which will help in reducing the pain.

Mild massage relaxes your muscles and gives temporary relief, which will help in getting peaceful sleep. Take a hot shower to loosen the neck muscles and then apply herbal oil or lotion on your neck. You can massage your neck for 10-15 minutes in day to get relief from neck pain.

Sleeping with pillows: Support your head with the help of pillows, so that your head will get proper position and you will have peaceful sleep.

Talking on phone: People usually crane their neck while taking on the phone. Long conversations with crane neck produces neck aches, so use of headphones is recommended while taking on the phone.

Stomach Flu Home Remedies

Stomach flu is nothing but which makes you queasy and sneaks you up and also make to switch from bedroom to bathroom very frequently. Everybody  has experience of stomach problems in the lifetime. This type of infection causes due to virus rather than bacteria. The best medicine would be taking enough rest and consuming lot of fluids to maintain body hydration. Few natural home remedies are available which cure the infection and give relief. Although these home remedies will increase your recovery span but surely give you better feeling. Following home remedies help in treating stomach flu.

Lemon juice helps in killing the pathogens which causes diarrhea. Dab one slice of lemon juice in twelve to sixteen ounce of water, add this mixture with herbal and tea and drink. You can consume it before half an hour, every meal almost two table spoon to prevent stomach flu.

Mint has anti-microbial properties and sedative properties which help in releasing gas and bloats. All types of mint help in stomach ailments. You can prepare tea using mint and take it like dosage for better digestion.

Bananas help in treating diarrhea a lot. It will help in providing potassium, magnesium and mainly it provides those critical electrolysis which body has lost due to diarrhea. Without these minerals even heart can fail entirely or can go into arrhythmia.

Rice water is the most efficient and effective home remedy used in treating stomach flu. Cook half tumbler rice into full pan water, allow it boil till the rice flakes gets soft, strain out the flakes and take out the water. When the water comes to the normal temperature consume it every one hour about a small cup. To make this rice water tastier, you can add cinnamon or honey and these ingredients also helps in healing. Ginger and mint can also be added to get rid from nausea.

Salt: Stomach flu also takes away the sodium from body, so soups and broths help in rebuilding minerals and sodium loss caused during stomach flu. If you are not willing to take soups and broths, then you can just add pinch of salt in your tea or juice.

Crackers or dry toast are the most recommended for nausea, they absorb the liquids and acids from the stomach and gives healing effect.

Garlic is a preventive which stave off the flu, but due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it helps in treating stomach flu. Chop the fresh garlic and mix it with honey, its consumption will help in soothing stomach lining and calms harshness and cramping.

Turmeric: Only small quantity, just 1/4th tablespoon, can be used along with juice or rice water to get the antibacterial boost.

Blueberries are used to treat diarrhea, as it is a natural bacteria inhibitor and it is high in fiber. It helps in maintaining the water content and its antioxidant properties also help body to recover.

Yogurt is rich source of bacteria which helps in digestive recovery. Mix yogurt with applesauce, honey, blueberries, bananas and prepare a wonderful smoothie.

Caraway tea is wonderful natural remedy used to treat stomach flu. Take one cup of boiling water and add one spoon caraway seeds into it. Cover the cup and set it aside for around ten minutes. Drain the mixture and drink it to get the relief from nausea.

Include lot of fruits in your diet especially apple will be more useful in treating stomach flu. Avoid spicy food from your diet, otherwise this may increase the severity of stomach problems.

Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

People from almost every part of world are well aware about the uses and advantages of a computer but unfortunately the either side of the computer produces lot of bad effects on user’s health. Consistent user of computer may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition caused due to repetitive usage of hands and fingers in discomfort or improper positions. The culprit behind this condition is of course your computer keyboard. When a person suffers from this type of nerve disorder, median nerve, which is a major nerve, gets compressed and the person may suffer from pain, numbness in the hands or fingers and tingling too. If the pain persists for long time then the person may get experience of sleepless night’s due to severe pain.

Few natural and home remedies are available which can really helpful to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome. Basically, prevention is the best way to avoid this problem.

Healthy diet should be the part of your routine. Include vitamin B in your diet, especially vitamin B6 will be more useful. You must stay away from the packaged food as it contains tartrazine which obstructs in the absorption of that vitamin. The food items which contains tartrazine includes puddings and packaged ice creams, aerated beverages with yellow or orange colors, yogurt, skimmed milk, butter and margarine and tinned fruits and vegetables. However you can include those food items which have a rich source of vitamin B6 and those items include chicken, pork, salmon and turkey. Few vegetarian items which are rich source of vitamin B6 include chick peas, potatoes, Bok Choy and sunflower seeds.  Fruit which have vitamin B6 includes mangoes, avocados and bananas.

  • Opting for an ice pack is also a best way where you will get immediate relief from the pain.
  • Perfect height of keyboard along with your sitting position is important factor. Very high keyboard will surely be a cause of carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Take regular intervals from your computer desk, do not sit for more than one hour on the same place.
  • Twist your wrists lightly, clock wise and anti clock wise, daily for few minutes will help to ease nerves and strengthen them. Stretch and extend your wrist and even fingers acutely and follow this activity twice in day.
  • Shading excess pounds will also help in reducing pain caused due to carpal tunnel, as excess body weight increases lot of pressure and stress.
  • Yoga also play an important role in strengthening muscles, so practice yoga at home every morning and get the mighty grip for your muscles.
  • Use wrist splint especially in the night and even while working on the computer. In case of severe pain also this splint will give relief.

Pinworms Natural Treatment

A constant desire to scratch the anus is a common symptom of pin worm infection. Most of the time kids get suffer more than adults with this problem. Pinworms usually enter into our body through the fingernails, as the eggs may get picked up by the nails. Then they easily get transferred to the mouth and then into stomach where they produce more eggs and migrate to the rectum. Some of them show the symptoms of pinworms whereas some might not feel anything about it.

Normally the symptoms of pinworms are bed wetting, loss of appetite, nausea and irritability are commonly seen. Besides your doctor’s prescription, you can also try some more home remedies available for pinworms which can give quick relief. Here are the most efficient and effective natural remedies for your reference:

Maintaining a meticulous hygiene routine is the first and foremost important thing you need to do in case of pinworms. Trim nails on frequent basis and use anti-bacterial soap while washing your hands. Stress more on washing hands before and after every meal.

  • In case of anal itching, a warm bath will be more useful or else using warm water you can damp the anal area, which gives temporarily relief from itching.
  • Garlic is a highly effective and efficient home remedy while treating pinworms. Consume garlic on daily basis or make it part of your routine diet which helps in eliminating the problem. Even mixture of vaseline and garlic paste, if applied on anal area, will helpful in treating pinworms.
  • Consume lot of fibrous food, take at least four to five vegetables and grain servings in a day, it will help in getting rid out of this problem.
  • Carrot also works an effective natural agent while treating pinworms. Grate one or two carrots and consume it every morning. It will help in pinworms as well as all types of threadworms.
  • Consume fresh grated coconut every morning along with your breakfast and then after three hours take a dose of castor oil. Follow the same procedure till the problem gets cured.
  • Fruits also play an important role while treating pinworms. Especially you can include papaya, water melon and pumpkin in your diet which in turns cures pinworms.
  • Soak six to seven lupine seeds in lukewarm water, keep it for one hour, strain it and drink it to get the required result. Although this remedy shows its result with a low pace but it is an effective home remedy.
  • Mix the extract of grapefruit seeds and pumpkin seeds with honey and use for treating pinworms.

You can prepare an ointment at home by using petroleum jelly and garlic paste. Apply this paste in the anal area of kids to prevent itching and kill the eggs.

Herbal Remedies for Hypertension

The impact of our stressful life may give hypertension which is a result of hectic lifestyle choice. The reasons which can cause hypertension can be psychological or physical in origin, the most common causes include heredity, high stress, chronic kidney diseases, obesity or old age. The study says even young adults are developing hypertension in a mass numbers. However there is no magic pill which can cure your hypertension, but you can splurge on few home remedies rather than oh-so-expensive medicines. Below listed down herbal remedies will surely help in fighting against hypertension.

  • Mix the powder of 100 gm poppy seeds and 100gm melon seeds. Mix it well and store it in a closed and cleaned container. Take one tablespoon each morning and evening with water.
  • Garlic clove is an effective home remedy which highly recommended for hypertension. Consume one garlic clove every morning with empty stomach.
  • Take 25-30 curry leaves, wash it well with water and make a juice and dab fresh lemon and add the lemon juice into the curry leaves juice. Strain and drink with empty stomach in the morning.
  • Mix 1 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp honey and mix it with 1 tsp cumin powder, take it twice in a day to reduce hypertension.

Arjuna herb is also considered as an effective and efficient home remedy which supports in proper blood circulation and protects the heart by strengthening the cardiac muscles. The bark of Arjuna herb has various complex elements like ellagic acid, gallic acid, natural anti-oxidants, zinc, calcium, magnesium, copper and phytosterols which collectively support cardiac system of the body. This Arjuna herb is available in the capsule form and no side effects have been traced till the date.

Bilberry is another natural herb which helps in reinforcing blood vessel walls and increases blood circulation. This herb also helps in reducing cholesterol level which in turn improves cardiovascular functions. This herb reduces the sugar level from the blood, so prolonged usage is not recommended.

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb which helps in treating hypertension. This herb is a very good source of vitamin B12 and vitamin A. It is available in the form of powder and tablet, but it should be consumed strictly under medical supervision. As this herb produces lot of side effects like vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, skin allergies, fever, rashes and burping. It reverts negatively when consumed along with other herbs like danshen, garlic, ginseng and gingko.

Words of advice

  • Along with home remedies healthy lifestyle and balanced diet is also very much necessary to control hypertension.
  • There is a well established link between obesity and hypertension, so reducing the extra pounds will fetch down the hypertension reading.
  • You must commit for regular exercise and also for physical activity. Being more active, you can easily fight against hypertension. Culminate better practices in your regular lifestyle like cycling, jogging, gardening, swimming, walking, and house cleaning which helps you to remain healthy and active.
  • Although moderate alcohol consumption gives some good results, but if you exceed the quantity, then it will lead to weight gain and other health problems which ultimately affects on your hypertension.
  • Consume six to eight glasses of water to maintain your body hydration.

Gingivitis Treatment at Home

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease which is very common and the symptoms of this disease start with the inflammation or infection in either gums or the supporting tissues of teeth. This periodontal disease represents onset growth of bacteria in the mouth. If the condition triggers and if not treated appropriately, then it may lead to tooth loss or deterioration in the supporting tooth tissues. In the beginning, gingivitis takes place with the built up of bacteria especially in plaque, gradually it will take to redness and inflammation in the gums. Various reasons have been included in getting gingivitis, but with the help of few efficient home remedies you can get rid of this disease, the remedies have listed down.

  • Maintain proper hygiene of mouth, as brushing is recommended for twice in a day. Regular cleaning and brushing of mouth will prevent from plaque formation which in turn prevent from gingivitis.
  • Clove oil is the best natural remedy which can cure gingivitis, if you use it regularly.
  • Mint toothpaste is also useful while fighting against gingivitis.
  • Aloe Vera also works as useful remedy while treating gingivitis. Extract the pulp of aloe vera and rub it in your mouth, wash it after few minutes. Follow the procedure to get the mighty gums.
  • Gargle your mouth with the mixture of triphala and water, it will help in treating gingivitis, even warm salted water gargling is also useful in treating this disease.
  • Sugarless cranberry juice can be useful in treating gingivitis.
  • Sage oil, menthol, peppermint oil and chamomile tincture can be considered as natural mouth wash, which will keep away from the formation of bacteria.
  • Take a teaspoon of salt and mix it with one tablespoon mustard oil. First use this mixture to clean your hands and then use it to clean the gums. Rub this mixture slowly on the gums in circular strokes and also in upward and downward direction. Repeat the procedure for 30 seconds and then wash your mouth with warm water. This herbal remedy also helps to treat other gum diseases.
  • Soothing mouth wash can be prepared by using fresh eucalyptus leaves. Boil these leaves in water, after boiling strain the water and add 2-3 drops of clove oil. You can store it in a refrigerator for few days for long term usage.
  • Natural mouth wash can also be prepared by using herbal tea and henna leaves.

Thorough gargling after each meal keeps away from plaque deposits. Basically this plaque formation accumulates on the outer portion of the teeth and it also composes food debris, mucus and bacteria. Herbal toothpaste and herbal mouth cleaners are recommended.

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

A toothache is considered as one of the worst pain which will provide obstruction in peaceful sleep as well as disturbs your normal routine. Wisdom tooth are the third molar which is found far back in the mouth and usually they erupt to last. This tooth generally explodes between the ages of 17 to 25 years. Sometimes wisdom tooth gets stuck below the bone or gum, and it may cause pain or discomfort. Wisdom tooth has to fight for the space for its own development, as rest all the teeth have already developed and covered the space.

People with small jawbone may suffer from this problem. An appointment with dentist can give immediate relief for this pain, but long term usage of medicines and pain killers can produce adverse effects. Few home remedies will out to get relief from wisdom tooth pain:

  • Keep a clove of fresh garlic under the hurting tooth, chew it in such a way that its extract should come on the affected area. This is a best remedy which reduces pain, however it tastes awful. You can also use clove oil and rock salt to reduce the intensity of the pain.
  • Gently rub the ice cubes on the affected area which helps in alleviating the pain within no time. It’s an immediate and temporary relief, basically ice makes the area senseless and hence it reduces the sensation of pain.
  • Dip the cotton swab in the olive oil and drench it over the affected area, spit out the extraction to get the ultimate effect.
  • To get quick and wonderful effect in case of tooth pain, drench a cotton swab either in brandy, tequila or whiskey, but don’t use this remedy for infants or small kids.
  • Vanilla extract or almond extract can also be used to temporarily alleviate the pain.
  • Take warm salted water in a mouth and swoosh for 3-4 times in a day. It helps in reducing infection and also gives relief from the pain.
  • Wheat grass is also an effecting agent in reducing pain, as you just need to chew the grass and swoosh its liquid 3-4 times in a day. It will also provide hygiene and prevents from the toothache.
  • Make a paste using warm water and pinch of pepper and salt, apply it with the help of Q tip on the affected area. This is a very effective home remedy which gives relief from tooth pain.
  • Take a thin slice of lemon and place it over the painful area, squeeze the lemon juice and spread it across the affected area to get the required result.
  • Place warm tea bag over the affected area, bite the bag strongly, tea properties will help out in reducing the pain.


Natural Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scar is the toughest problem to handle, especially when it occurs on the most sensational area like facial area. Excess production of sebum or oil on the skin causes acne and most of the time it leaves scar on the skin. Basically acne results in inflammation of white blood cells and it harms the tissues, which in turn provides scars to the skin. While fighting against these frequent skin disorders, few natural home treatment will help you to get rid from these scars.

  • Dab fresh lemon and take out the juice, apply it on the scared area with the help of cotton swab. Allow the skin to soak the lemon juice for few minutes, and then rinse it off. Lemon juice helps in lightening the blemishes and also gradually improves skin appearance
  • Apply sandalwood powder and rose water on the scars, apply a thin layer like a mask. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it with cold water. Sandalwood and rose water leaves soothing and cooling effect and it also reduces the dehydration of the skin.
  • Olive oil works as an excellent acne scar home remedy, as it has moisturizing properties which helps to soften the skin. Long term use of olive oil helps to reduce the visibility of acne scars.
  • Apply honey like a face mask to reduce the concentricity of the scars.
  • Take one tablespoon each of sour cream, oat meal and yogurt, add few lemon drops into it. Apply this paste on the affected skin area, leave for about 10 minutes and then wash well with cold water.
  • Dip a cotton swab in the lavender oil and rub it on the scars for twice in a day.
  • Apply cold cucumber slices on the scars. This gives soothing effect and heals the inflammation of scars.
  • Peel off papaya skin and take out the inside part, apply it on skin, leave it for half an hour and then rise well with cold water. Follow the same procedure for more than a month to get the required results.
  • Pure herbal tea tree oil also works on the acne scars. Its regular usage will unclog the pores and heal the scars.
  • Apply mashed garlic cloves on the affected skin areas, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Aloe vera is one of the best skin treatment plant, gift of nature. Fresh sloe vera juice or gel is applied on the skin to clear the blemishes. 5 to 10 ml of it’s juice can also be consumed daily as an over all remedy for digestive system and antioxidant.
  • Use of vitamin E oil also helps in fading the scars.