Age Spots Home Remedies

Age spots are nothing but liver spots or sun spots which usually occurs on the back of neck, hands most of the time on face of people above age of 40. Age spots are harmless, flat and brown or yellow in color, although they don’t provide any kind of harm, but it can reveal person’s age. If the spots size or texture increases, then you must visit your family physician. Several home remedies are available which can cure these spots without consulting your doctor, easy to follow, are listed below.

Castor oil is an excellent antioxidant and has ability to penetrate within the skin. It moisturizes the skin cells and enhances blood circulation. Proper blood circulation injects more nutrients and oxygen into which recovers its beauty and glow.

Soy: This organic plant contains a particular enzyme which helps in preventing the activation of essential pathway which helps in transformation of melanin. By making an obstruction in this path, melanin amount will reduce, which in turn helps in fading of spots.

Apple Cider vinegar: Chop and blend the onion, use a cloth and take the extract by crushing the onions, now mix onion juice with this apple cider vinegar and apply directly on the skin to get required results. Leave the mixture on the skin for about half an hour and follow the procedure for approximately six weeks to fade the spots permanently.

Aloe Vera gel usually works as a healing agent in case of skin problems, particularly skin burns. Simply rub aloe vera juice or gel on the affected area twice in a day, leave it for about 45 minutes. Within a month, you will see the improvements.

Lemon juice: Dab the fresh lemon juice on the affected area, twice in a day, for about two months. You can leave the juice on the skin, as long as you are comfortable with it.

Arbutin and Lightening creams: Apply a cream which contains Arbutin, as this natural organic ingredient helps in lightening the spots and it also helps in curing injured skin cells. Clustering of epidermal melanin is the main culprit which causes these ugly age spots. So Arbutin cream stops these clustering which in turn reduces age spots. Don’t buy the cream which contains harmful ingredients like hydroquinone.