Bed Bug Bites Home Remedies

Bugs are pests, which are never visible easily. Wingless brown color bed bugs are especially dangerous for children as their bite can cause distress and pain to children for many days. Normally the bite of bed bugs comes into view like a red mark but within some hours the affected body part becomes swollen and the mark starts looking like a small wound.

Bedbugs reside in diatomaceous earth. Sometimes bedbugs become the source of allergy to many people who have soft skin. Though bedbugs do not carry agents of harmful diseases like hepatitis, etc., they are capable of causing severe pain and discomfort. The favorite places of bedbugs are mostly the face, lips, neck and arms.

Mint, Lavender, Cayenne, Black Walnut, Cilantro, Garlic, Red Pepper, Rosemary, Clove and Thyme herbs can be used to heal swollen areas. If you have Vitamin C tablets at home, you can make paste of 8 to 10 tablets and apply it directly to the hurt area. It will help in healing the inflammation of bedbug bite.

Wild plant Plantain is a useful herb for treating bedbug bite. This herb can be found easily around parking lots, driveways and playgrounds. Plantain plant has five similar layers running along its length. The paste of this plant can be applied directly to the puffed-up area. This herb is very useful in reducing irritation and itching.

Mud with herbs can also be used as a paste for curing the swollen red area. The powder of potato root or mallow root can be used with clay for better relief. Oil of the Tea tree is also useful. Tea tree due to its anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties is effective in treating red swollen area of skin. Many people avoid using tree tea oil due to its unbearable smell. By adding basil root herb oil in tea tree oil you can reduce the smell factor.

Fresh herb Poultices can be made by mortar and pestle. The oak and maple leaves can be chewed as fresh herb poultice. Avoid chewing shiny leaves because shiny leaves have no medicinal value. Wild Geranium, yellow mallow, chickweed and plantium leaves can be chewed as medicine. The willow, oak and hazel herbs are the best for quick healing. Canola oil is safe to use especially for children.

Lavender oil is also good for application to the swollen area for reducing irritation. You can also use lavender oil on the floor and on the legs of your bed to keep bugs away from your dear ones. The best home remedy for preventing yourself from bedbug bites is cleanliness. Small steam cleaners are available in the market for steaming your mattresses and bed sheets. It’s better you try the natural way and keep your mattresses and bedding under the heat of shining sun for some hours, whenever it’s available. This is a very useful method of controlling pests.