Benefits Of Witch Hazel Plant

Which hazel is a plant with multiple benefits. It can be used in different forms in order to cure a number of disorders and problems. The extracts of this plant is of deep red color.

The multiple benefits of which hazel include the following :

  • Which hazel has a beneficial effect on the blood and blood circulation system of the body. It has a special good effect on the veins. Through good blood circulation, all the organs get a regular supply of oxygen rich blood and remain in good functioning order. Also, this helps prevent complications like heart attack and stroke.
  • Witch Hazel is helpful in treating injuries when applied locally. This plant is very effective in curing burnt areas, painful and accidental injuries.
  • Another good use to which witch hazel can be put to is in the shape of poultices. These work well on external injuries like burns, damaged skin or many other skin conditions.
  • Which hazel is used to improve blood circulation. One should boil the leaves along with roots and stem of the witch hazel. In case all this is not possible, which hazel in powdered form, which is available in the market should be boiled. This boiled paste should be tied in a white cloth. It is very important to keep the cloth wet. When tied this will help improve blood circulation.
  • Effective on bad oral conditions. Extracts of which hazel work well and help cure scurvy and bleeding gums. You may apply the extracts of which hazel on the affected area with a cotton bud.

Witch hazel has multiple benefits for the spinal nerves. This plant acts differently on six body centers as follows:

1. Healing effect on our Venous system. It helps reduce swelling and heals up varicosis and hemorrhage from the veins.

2. Female genitals – Helps remove ovarian obstruction and also cures a number of  diseases of ovaries.

3. Male genitals – Helps reduce swelling of the penis.

4. Alimentary canal- The plant helps remove internal bleeding from the digestive organs like stomach and bowels.

5. Cure the tumors of the lungs effectively.

6. Rheumatism- This plant has multiple medicinal benefits. It helps heal the joints and also helps relieve pain from various joints. The extracts of Witch Hazel have to be applied locally in order to cure Rheumatism.

One cannot stress enough on the benefits one can derive from the correct use of Witch Hazel.  One can consume the extracts of the plant or apply the same locally in order to cure a number of diseases and disorders.