Bhringraj Benefits For Hair Growth

Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) is popularly known ancient ayurvedic herb which can provide permanent remedy for hair loss, premature graying, skin allergies, devitalized skin. It grows in the tropics to be used to rejuvenate hair, and promotes deep sleep. Its powder can be used by mixing it with Amla, Shikakai and Neem powders for herbal hair rinse or with coconut oil infusion, with these herbs to make conditioning oil treatment.

Rejuvenating hair growth: Bhringraj is very useful to rejuvenate hair, hair loss, and baldness. It should be mixed in equal quantity with the powders of amla, shikakai, neem to rinse the hair to stop the hair fall and hair growth is maintained. Its oil may be blended in equal quantity in sesame oil, henna, brahmi, shikakai, amla, ashwagandha, tea tree oil and vitamin E to be used to delay premature graying, keep hair dandruff free and keep the hair nourished.

This blended bhringraj oil should be massaged into the scalp and leave it overnight to be washed off with shampoo in the morning. It stops premature hair loss, baldness and dryness of scalp. Its leaf extract can be mixed with coconut oil and boiled to make hair tonic for luxuriant hair.

A significant improvement in hair growth has been proven by researches done by some universities. One of them can be seen by clicking here.

Treatment of skin diseases: Bhringaraj is quite useful for skin disease and its powder can be mixed in water to take bath. It gives cooling effects and useful to cure many skin diseases. Apply the paste of its leaves on wound to heal up. It can be used externally to cure athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis.

In Ayurveda, bhringraja is considered as rejuvenating. It is good for liver and prevents damage to liver. It can be used to get relief from nausea and vomiting. In Taiwan it is used to cure hemoptysis, bleeding, itching, hepatitis etc. In Brazil it is used as anti-venom. In China it is considered as cooling and restorative herb. Its root are emetic and purgative in nature. It is good to give relief from migraine headache and gives strength to nervous system. It is also used to prepare health tonic to keepĀ  people healthy. Its massage on scalp gives mental relaxation and improves concentration, nervous system is also benefited.