Can Snoring Be Stopped By Herbal Remedies ?

It is very difficult for a person to sleep in a proper way if he is the victim of snoring. Snoring also causes trouble to your loved ones as they are not able to have a comfortable sleep because of you. No doubt snoring is like a bombshell for your partner, it can affect your health too. It is a medical illness and the symptom of other diseases. Fatigue, sleep deprivation, memory loss and depression etc. are the ill results of snoring. It occurs when the area between the tongue and upper throat is deprived of the flow of air. The sound of snoring may range from soft to harsh. According to a research approximately 30 percent adults are the victims of snoring.

Many people switch to surgical treatment to get rid of snoring but herbal methods are amazingly effective for curing it. Snoring is caused by the mucous blocking in your throat that disturbs the smooth passage of air. Herbs helps in removing that blockage and open the airway so that you can sleep without making any sound. Here are some herbal treatments that can control snoring.

Eating fruits and vegetables in good quantity is very necessary. Avoid the use of caffeine, ephedra and yohimbe. These can interrupt your sleep. Avoiding the use of alcohol and tobacco is also a treatment for snoring. Use of ginger in cooking is a good herbal way to clean the blockage of throat. You can take ginger paste with honey for throat clearing at night. Ginger helps in clearing saliva and reduces snoring. Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing snoring. Dioscorea Villosa (wild yam) is also effective. It work as an anti-inflammatory agent and gives soothing effect to throat.

Intake of garlic is very helpful in reducing snoring. You can make a throat fresher by boiling garlic with sage water. When it becomes cool, gargle with it before going to bed. A sip of olive oil before going to bed also reduces the frequency of snoring. Use of marjoram oil is also good for aroma therapy. By mixing olive oil, ginger and honey you can make a nasal spray. Herbal nasal sprays have no side effects. Saline water drops are also effective for clearing nasal blockage. It is the best natural remedy to cure snoring. Goldenrod and gold seal are also herbal remedies for cleaning the jamming of throat. You can also switch to steam before going to bed for quick relief.

If you are too fatty, it is very necessary to reduce body weight because in such a case throat blockage cannot be cured as the fat tends to block the air pipe completely. If you cannot control your body weight, surgery becomes the only option for you. There are many herbal treatments available to reduce body weight.

You are also suggested to increase the height of the pillow. Due to gravity it helps in preventing the tongue from dropping back to throat and the airway is thus not obstructed.