Dry Eyes Natural Remedies

Dry eyes are caused by some harsh weather like strong winds, heating or air-conditioning, long working on computers, or just fatigue and many other environmental conditions. High blood pressure, some medications like antihistamine, decongestant, sedative can also cause dry eyes. Some natural remedies are very effective to heal this ailment. It will help in protecting and soothing the eyes.

Slices Of Cucumber: This treatment can be tried by cutting fresh slices of cucumber to be placed over the eye lids to get relief. It is advised the patient must lie down and close the eyes before placing the slices over the eye lids. This may be kept over the eyes as long as possible. This will help in keeping the eyes relaxed and the moisture is stimulated to heal this ailment.

Lavender Oil: In a bowl of lukewarm water add two to three drops of this oil. Take two cotton balls to be dipped in this mixture to be placed over each eye after squeezing the excess liquid. This oil helps in replacing the smoothness in the eyes to get relief from this disease.

Tea Treatment: Brew some quantity of tea and put two cotton balls in this warm tea to be placed over the eyes after soaking these well. These cotton balls should be placed on the each eye lid, keep it left on the eyes for five minutes.

Rose Water: It provides cooling effect to eyes and helps to relieve dryness of eyes. Soak two small cotton ball in organic rose water and place over closed eyes. Wait for ten minutes. This will not only moisten your eyes but will also soothe the eyes. Few drops of ‘pure rose water’ can also be put into the eyes to cure dryness and make eyes healthy.

Honey: For extreme dryness make a solution of one part honey and ten parts of water. Keep this chilled and put two drops in each eye every night before going to sleep. This will give some burning feeling and your eyes will start giving tears. Tears are helpful for curing this ailment. Tears will take care of this problem of dry eyes. Do not worry about burning, it will subside in a few minutes. After this, clean your eyes with cold water.

Damp Wash cloth: Close the eyes to place a damp wash cloth in warm water over the eyes for five to fifteen minutes to get relief from this ailment Repeat this by re wetting the cloth in warm water to be placed over the eyes.This may be repeated as many times as is required. It can help to open the clogged oil glands in the eyes to restore moisture in the eyes to cure this disease immediately.

Prevention Tips:

Following are some tips, should be followed along with dry eyes natural remedies.

1. Avoid direct air blowing into the eyes like hair dryers, car heaters, air-conditioners or fans toward the eyes to prevent dryness of eyes. This simple method can keep the eyes comfortable and soothing without causing any kinds of problems.

2. Wear glasses on windy days or while swimming. Some glasses or goggles can be worn around the eyes to protect the eyes from becoming dry. These goggles can reduce the effects of the wind or water to affect the eyes in any way.

3. Avoid rubbing eyes. Rubbing of eyes can be avoided to prevent the eyes from becoming dry. Rubbing can cause more irritation in the eyes to bring dryness in the eyes.

4. Blinking Of eyes, try to blink the eyes constantly to spread tears in the eyes evenly. Break must be taken while doing visual concentration work to prevent this ailment. Rest to the eyes can be given by closing the lids for several seconds.

5. Avoid smoking, it can cause dryness of the eyes because the smoke will irritate the eyes to bring dryness.