Good Fruits For Skin Health

Nature has given us a large number of products which are beneficial for our health, skin and healthy living. A number of fruits are available in the markets which help to provide glow to our skin and make us look beautiful. Different fruits have different effect on our skin. Here are some natural aids for the skin available in your fridge and garden:

Apple juice has been used for centuries as a skin care product. It helps smoothening out wrinkles and heals itching and inflammation. Apple juice is a very good conditioner and toner. If a small quantity is added to bath water and body is soaked in this water for some time, the skin will emerge cleaner and softer. If after using shampoo on your hair it is rinsed with apple juice and it is allowed to remain for some time in the hair, it will give added shine and your scalp will be free from dandruff

Fresh apricot juice is good for treatment of sun burns, itching and eczema.

Banana is an excellent face mask. Banana mask, when applied on the face for about thirty minutes, help to eradicate acne and blemishes. It will moisturise your facial skin.

Cucumber can be used in a number of ways for facial skin care. It helps remove blackheads and prevent dryness. Cucumber juice is an effective remedy for pimples.Guava and mango leaves, when boiled in water, make an excellent antiseptic solution for application on skin rashes. In case of oily skin, cucumber and tomato juice can be used to reduce oil and make the skin look normal and glowing.

Lemon is another natural produce which is very useful to our skin. A few drops of lemon juice added to water for rinsing of hair will make it look shiny and prevent dandruff. A slice of lemon can be rubbed on elbows or heels to make the skin soft and smooth. A small quantity of lemon juice, if added to bath water, will make you feel fresh the whole day. Similarly lime juice is a natural aid for beautiful skin. Lime juice, when taken with cold water, refreshes and makes your skin glow. Orange juice helps prevent pimples and acne.

Papaya has very good skin care properties. It is used to remove white heads. Papain enzyme present in abundance in papaya pulp. This enzyme whitens the skin.

Pineapple pulp can be used to clean and rejuvenate the skin. In case your skin is dry, apple or carrot pulp can help moisturise dry skin.

In case you have normal skin, avocado will help to increase glow and prevent effects of sunlight.