Head Lice Natural Treatments

Lice are a problem of unhygienic condition. Basically there are three types of lice, head, body and pubic lice. Some herbal and natural treatment is given to cure this recurring problem. There are some herbs which are lice killing and can prevent lice and keep the hair healthy.

Neem (Azadiracta indica): Neem oil and shampoo are very good remedy for lice. The leaves and seeds contain oil which plays a very active role of eliminating lice from the affected portion.

Sweetflag (Acorus calamus): This is an American plant has got the properties to kill lice and insects. The aromatic root can be powdered to be rubbed on the affected area to have relief.

Olive oil : This oil is very useful to treat this problem of lice. It should be applied and left on the scalp for at least eight to nine hours to smother lice and re-occurrence is stopped.

Lime and Garlic juice: Lime juice should be mixed with the juice of garlic to make a paste to be applied on the hair to get relief.

Tea tree oil: It is really effective oil to kill lice and it may be left on the head over night to be washed in the morning to get relief.

Vinegar: Hair can be washed with vinegar. Vinegar does not kill lice but it makes difficult for eggs to stick  on hair root.  So eggs can be easily picked up for destroying..

Coconut oil : The hairs should be washed first and then it may be applied. Coconut oil suffocates the lice and kills them.

Mayonnaise (Vaseline): It is extremely useful to get rid of lice. Mayonnaise suffocates the lice and kills them. Apply for at least 2 hours and then wash hair with shampoo and water mixed with some vinegar and oil.

Rubbing alcohol: It is an effective remedy to kill lice. Rub it on hair to kill. Hairs can be washed after a gap of thirty minutes to get the results.

Lemon juice and butter: This is one of the best remedy of lice to be used. Make a past by mixing lemon juice in butter and apply it to on hair. Wait for  around twenty minutes and then rinse the hair with shampoo. Repeat this daily for five days then stop for four days and then repeat the process for four days and you will see the result of it by curing lice problem.

Onion Juice: It is very effective to kill head lice. Onion juice contains sulfur which kills the lice. Apply onion juice over the head and wash  the hair after four hours. It should be applied for twice in a week to prevent recurrence.

Custard apple: Make a paste of apple with its seeds to be applied over the head to have a very effective remedy to kill lice. Head should be washed after a gap of thirty minutes to get relief from this problem. It may be repeated twice in a week to stop recurrence.

Citrus, Eucalyptus oil: Make a solution of citrus oil mixing it with eucalyptus oil adding oil of lavender and finally geranium oil to apply in the hairs to get relief. Don’t wash it immediately but wait at least for thirty minutes.

Rosemary oil with tea tree oil: This mixed oil may be applied on the hairs to get rid of this problem. This is the most effective remedy for lice killing.