Health Benefits Of Acai Berry

Acai berry has been endorsed by many celebrities and has been promoted a lot in the media. These berries grow in countries like Peru and Brazil. These grow on acail palm trees. Acai berries are believed to have a number of health benefits so the use is spreading fast around the world. These berries are the size of grapes and are dark purple in color. These are harvested twice a year and are pulpy and juicy with a large sized seed. These are often used as a drink. The pulp or its extract is mixed with soda or fruit juice.

Being rich with antioxidant properties, if consumed on regular basis it helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. The effect can be felt in about two hours. The person who consumes these berries feels an increase in the energy level. It also helps increase mental activity and clarity, encourages sound sleep and a better digestive system. As the toxins are removed, the blood circulation in the human body increases, improving the general health and encouraging weight loss.

As the Acai berries help improve blood circulation, it reaches in all areas of the body in adequate quantity thus slowing down the aging process. The skin also gets healthier and the cholesterol gets regulated. Our heart, which is made up of the muscles, gets toned up and become stronger. The improved blood circulation also accelerates healing process of injuries caused due to hurting of skin or muscles.

Due to pollution and exposure to chemicals, we are continuously exposed to harmful toxins. Toxins also enter our body due to pesticides used while growing eatables, certain types of fish, heavy metals and chloroform found in washing soaps etc. These toxins are harmful to human system. They restrict the blood circulation in out body and are a major cause of damage to skin. These make the body lifeless and the person feels sleepy and lethargic. Due to restricted blood supply the energy level in brain also decreases. Antioxidants present in Acai berries helps fight these toxins and cures the body of the above stated ills.

Consumption of Acai berries in any form helps to reintroduce nutritional elements otherwise lacking in our diet. Consumption of these nutrients helps the body to function in the manner it should be under normal circumstances.

Acai berries or the juice or pulp of the berries, can be added to everything like cooked food for taste change, in salads as dressing, smoothies and cocktails. The taste is quite different so you need to get used to it before you start to relish this drink or additive in salads. Berries are quite perishable so these are processed and the juice stored in bottles. These products are available in stores all around the world.