Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a rich source of vitamin C. One amla contains as much Vitamin C as two oranges. Amla is a fruit of a deciduous plant that is a native tree of India. People in India use amla as Powder, Murraba, Pickle and in Juice form. Amla is a rich source of chromium that is beneficial in controlling diabetes. It excites the isolated grouping of cells and encourages the hormone insulin and thus lessens the level of sugar in blood. Due to its anti-oxidant properties it helps in curing various diseases.

Amla is good source of Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B too. Amla is good for boosting the immune system. To keep your body fit and digestive system in good order, intake of two Amla per day is suggested. For effective results, Amla should be taken empty stomach in the morning as it energizes the digestive system. Due to its richness of fiber content and low level of sugar, Amla is the most powerful agent of freshness for any age group. It is also good for the heart.

Amla fruit also helps in curing the most common problem-acidity. For quick relief dip two to three amlas in one glass of water and boil them for 4 to 5 minutes. You can add sugar or honey in it. Intake of this water twice a day is effective in killing acidity in a very natural way.

Amla oil is also magnificent for skin and hair. By taking amla regularly, you can get good shiny and glossy skin. For better results, amla should be taken with neem. It helps in treating pimples and dryness. In India many people use amla water for washing hair. For this, dip 200 gram amla with 100 gram of shikakai in a container of clay. Keep this for 3-4 days and then apply this water on scalp twice a week. It gives blackness, shine and strength to hair. Massage with amla oil is also very good for the health of hair. Many oil and shampoo manufacturing companies use amla in a variety of their products. Amla also helps in reducing gray hair.

For players, athletes and those who exercise regularly, the intake of amla exhibits good results. It helps in improving the health of liver. Amla is also very beneficial in reducing body weight. Amla helps the immune system in burning body fats and helps in keeping our body in shape. Amla boosts metabolism and is also useful in controlling cholesterol level.

Amla extract is very much effective for improving eye vision too. Herbalists prescribe Amla juice with some honey for good eyesight. It is beneficial for those who suffer from near sightedness and cataracts. Amla acts as a purifying agent also. It purifies blood and gives strength to liver. Amla is suggested to those who suffer from liver disorder and who have respiratory problems. In fact, it should be made an inseparable part of our daily diet.