Health Benefits Of Brahmi Herb

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri or Indian Pennywort) is a well-known herb for enhancing memory and for increasing the activeness of mind. It is a small perennial herb of 2-3 feet length. In the month of May, June and July, Brahmi plants look very beautiful because in these months this herb is in full bloom. Brahmi bears fruits that are used to make brain tonic. Herbalists use every part of brahmi to treat brain related problems. It gives energy to brain and body.

In ancient period, teachers used this herb as a brain tonic to make their students sharp minded so that they could learn and recall everything that was taught to them by their gurus. Due to its antioxidant properties, Brahmi not only increases the capacity of brain but also is helpful in lessening anxiety, tension, pressure and nervousness. Brahmi improves the functioning of brain cells. It is a brain booster that can be found in muddy areas and is the cheapest brain tonic that you can find everywhere in India.

Brahmi rejuvenates the brain cells and reduces negativity in humans. It trims down anxiety and pressure. Due to its light (laghu) properties it helps in curing nervous congestion. By relieving nerve cells, brahmi gives relief from nervous tension and trepidation. It gives the feeling of calmness. In exam day’s brahmi should be given to children as it increases concentration power too. It makes children sharp by improving learning power. It lessens the fatigue factor and endorses brightness in mind. For the patients of Insomnia, epilepsy, convulsion and mental disorders, brahmi herb is the gift of God. For better relief, brahmi should be used habitually. Every part of this plant is used including bark, leave, branches etc. Brahmi oil is manufactured for scalp massage to rejuvenate the skin and hair.

Brahmi is also effective for proper functioning of heart. Intake of Brahmi is good for the patients of hypertension. The hypotensive element in Brahmi helps in lowering blood pressure and maintaining the temperature of body at a normal level. Due to its antioxidant properties, brahmi also acts as a filter. It kills all the toxins present in blood and improves the functioning of kidney and liver also. It raises the level of sweating and throws out all the harmful toxins from body in the form of sweat.

Herbalists use Brahmi herb to control pain during menstrual period also. It is a herb that has properties to cure cold and cough as well. The best use of this herb is that it is good for keeping you young. It retards signs of ageing and gives you feeling of youthfulness.

Due to its properties of providing calmness, Brahmi is good for relaxing brain cells. People especially women use it for controlling hair fall and dandruff. Brahmi nourishes hair from the roots. Massage of brahmi oil gives soothing effect to brain and encourages the growth of hair. For better results brahmi is advised to be used with Shankhpushpi and Gotu Kola. These three are very helpful in improving learning, retention and long term memory.