Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamom (Elletaria Cardamomum) is commonly known as Choti Elaichi in India. Its light green color gives it an attractive look. It enhances appetite and is also useful in treating acidity. It is native of India and the Middle East. It is a very common herb used in Indian food to add fragrance and flavor in dishes. Cardamom is known as Ela in ayurveda. Ela is very effective in treating ailments related with stomach, skin and heart. Consumption of cardamom tea is very beneficial if you are suffering from stomach cramps or gastric problems.

Due to its detoxifying properties cardamom is useful for cleansing of body. It also improves circulation of blood and ensures proper blood supply to lungs. In this way this small herb helps in dealing with asthma. Ela is helpful in removing respiratory allergies and is also useful in treating cold and cough. A cup of Ela tea helps in reliving them.
If you are a patient of acidity, you are suggested to drink cardamom tea 2-3 times a day for relief. This tea also increases appetite. Small seeds of cardamom are beneficial in treating mouth ulcer and in ayurveda cardamom is described as a medicine for treating infections of urinary tract also.

Cardamom oil is used by herbalists for massage as it is good for backache. This massage is helpful in curing swelling and joint pains. It gives strength to mind and relieves mental stress. Cardamom oil can also be consumed by adding it in dishes. It improves digestion and enhances metabolism. Cardamom milk is a very tasty and healthy drink that can be consumed in summers. You can drink cardamom milk by adding some ice and sugar in it for taste. It gives energy and freshness to mind and body. It is also helpful in killing depression. It is also good for those who want to keep their mouth fresh.

Cardamom is also beneficial in treating gonorrhea, cystitis and nephritis. It is a very versatile spice herb and is easily available in the market though it is costly. Some herbalists claim that cardamom is also effective in treating sexual dysfunctions like impotency and immature ejaculation. One pinch of cardamom powder is effective in controlling queasiness and nausea.

Cardamom works as a good appetizer due to its sweet and aromatic qualities. By adding one pinch of its powder you can add extra taste in your pudding and sweet dishes. You will surely feel fresh by consuming cardamom powder.  Cardamom works as a blood puffier also as it is helpful in removing pollutants from your body. You are advised to drink cardamom tea or eat a pinch of cardamom powder to improve blood circulation.

Antispasmodic properties of black cardamom give relief from body pains.  Though cardamom is a very safe herb, it is advised that pregnant woman should avoid its regular use.