Helpful Natural Herbs To Fight HIV-AIDS

hiv aids herbal remedy Human Immunodeficiency Virus – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV AIDS) is an infectious disease which has caused many deaths in the world. It is really a deadly disease and every body is scared to hear its name even. People who are virtually innocent are becoming victims of this disease.

HIV AIDS virus terminates the human body’s immune system. Infected body can not react or resist any viral or bacterial attacks. Even small infections can not be controlled with medicines. This condition ultimately leads to reduction of the body and death.

There are ‘four’ basic causes for spreading HIV-AIDS:

  • Using HIV infected needles during medical treatment of any disease
  • HIV Infected pregnant mother to newborn baby
  • HIV Infected blood transfusion
  • Unsafe sexual intercourse

The immune system of the body gets weaken due to  improper diet, lack of nutrition, breathing impure air, eating junk foods all the time. The immune system gets totally broken down to fight against infections or other illness. The symptoms of this disease may not be seen for years. No effective vaccine to prevent has been discovered so far and patient die without much treatment.

The nature has gifted us some herbs to help to improve immune system of the body and to fight against HIV-AIDS up to some extent.

Aloe Vera: This is very effective to boost up the immune system to fight against this infectious disease.

St.John’s Wort: This is very useful herb to enhance the immune system to fight against it to get relief.

Echinacea: This is very important herb to be used to treat this deadly disease. This can boost up the immune system which is must to get treatment of this problem.

Licorice: This is one the best herb to boost up immune system to fight against aids. It can soothe the mouth and throat ulcer which will accompany the aids.

Ginseng: It has proved very useful to treat this ailment. It can increase the immune system of the body to fight against any infectious kind of disease

Garlic is effective against viruses: It is commonly available herb and found in every kitchen to battle against bacteria and viruses.

Astragalus: This is another herb to boost the immune system to get relief from this disease. This herb can be effectively used to treat Aids. The doctor must be consulted before starting  this  herbal treatment

Ginkgo: It can be used to get relief from this disease. It has effectively been used for the treatment of many diseases including Aids.

Cat’s Claw: This is very effective medicinal plant to cure aids and many other diseases. The tea can be prepared from the root and bark to treat this disease.

Tips to Prevent HIV-AIDS:

  • It is always better to avoid the same needles and syringes which have been used by the patient of Aids. It can keep the person away from this contagious and deadly disease.
  • An intercourse with many partners should be avoided or condom be used to protect yourself from being affected with this deadly disease.
  • Transfusion of blood should not be accepted before getting the blood tested for the safety of all.
  • New or sterilized needle should be used to protect you from being affected by this disease.
  • It is always good to educate people against this deadly disease.

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