Home Remedies Are Effective In Lung Diseases

It is a misconception among common people that there isn’t much to be done as far as home remedies for lungs are concerned. It is thought that the best home remedy in case of lungs is to stop smoking and save yourself from indirect smoking, pollutants and allergens. As a matter of fact, even if you quit smoking, the lungs take a great deal to return to their healthy state. At such a juncture, home remedies can come in handy for you.

Similarly, certain herbal pills or syrups are available in the market that no doubt help to make your lungs healthy but in no way are a substitute to the holistic home remedies. The most common home remedy is the deep breathing exercise. If performed for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis this simple remedy alone can relieve you from much of your mucus problem. As an additional advantage the lungs become flexible and are able to retain more oxygen.

The other thing to be kept in mind is to reduce your stress level. Any type of undue stress, whether mental or physical, can create a lot of problems in your body including breathing problems. So, try to do some meditation and other yoga exercise that involve profound breathing so that you are able to alleviate your stress level. Mind you, higher take of oxygen will first of all improve the health of your lungs and heart.

Certain common items like radish, pepper, chili, curries etc. also can help flush out the toxins from your lungs as they tend to dilute the mucus that is present in your lungs. They are also effective for persons who are recuperating from the damage cause by excessive smoking. In case of bronchitis the simple remedy involving steam shower or steam intake helps a lot.

Keeping your throat healthy is also a method of reducing lung infections. A simple method of keeping your throat clean and healthy is to drink a lot of water daily. It will take away much of the toxins present in your throat. Similarly, try to have a positive attitude and develop confidence in yourself that you can and will recuperate from the ill effects of smoking that have affected your lungs. It also helps strengthen our immune system. After all, faith healing is not a hoax and it’s very important to have faith in yourself in addition to having faith in the almighty.

If, unfortunately, the condition of your lungs does not improve even with the stringent of your efforts, it’s better to go in for a natural lung detoxification program under the guidance of a qualified professional. In this case, allopathic medicines with their side effects and high concentration of compounds often lead to other type of problems and therefore should be used only in unavoidable circumstances.