Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face

Clear skin is a dream of every woman. Dark spots on the skin, especially on facial area can be pretty embarrassing and it can cause several hitches. Acne is the main root cause of getting dark spots on the face. Usually acne subsidies by itself and without leaving any spot or mark, but if it get scratched or deliberately broken, then the acne leaves a mark behind and can become a cause for sensitivity and concern. Dark spots affect both dark skin people and fair skin people. With the growing age, you also get dark spots on legs, as your body may start producing excess melanin pigment which causes darker skin.

Instead of taking expensive trip to your dermatologist, you can take the help of your kitchen. Kitchen has lot of rich ingredients which can help to cure dark spots and these techniques can be tried by sitting at home. The home remedies have listed down.

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and lime is a rich source of vitamin C and is a natural bleaching agent. Among all citrus fruits, lemon is the most efficient and effective home remedy which can cure dark spots. Take out fresh lemon juice, dab a cotton swab into it and rub it on the affected skin part. The citric juice from the lemon will work as bleach and it will clear the skin.

Various concoctions: Apart from lemon juice, various ingredients available in home can be used to remove the dark spots. You can make different fruit masks by adding lemon juice or lime juice into vegetables like carrot, cucumber and papaya. Apricots can also be mixed with lemon juice to make a facial mask. Apply the mask on the face for about 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Mixture of parsley juice, red current juice can be added with few lemon drops, it can be used as a moisturizing cream to clear the skin. This mixture also helps in lightening brown spot and freckles.

Milk and honey can be used as natural remedies to clear the dark spots. Milk can even replaced with buttermilk or sour milk, as both contain lactic acid. Milk gives gentle peeling effect and fades off the dark spots. On the other hand honey rejuvenates skin and gives glow. To get the more lightening effect honey can be applied with wheat germ.

Sandalwood paste: Mix sandalwood powder with glycerin, lemon juice and rose water, prepare a thick paste using these ingredients. Apply it on the dark skin spots and then leave to get it dry naturally.

Fresh vegetable cut slices are another good home remedy which can lighten dark spots. Take chilled slices of potato, tomato or cucumber and rub it gently on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel is a natural cleanser and can be used regularly as a face wash to get the required result.

It is always recommended to apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house. Get the facial done at least once in a month to improve your skin tone. Wash your face with cold water before and after bed.