How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

natural herbal remedies for blood pressureHigh blood pressure is a silent and serious disease which may cause heart and kidney problems as well. It is simply an indicator of overall bad health which is actually the root cause of all problems. There are many natural herbs to control blood pressure which are being used effectively in the modern society to cure this silent killer disease.

Lowering the blood pressure naturally is possible, provided all the precautions and treatments should be adopted seriously and timely. There are various naturalĀ  and herbal remedies are gifted by the nature to us.

Garlic is Quite Useful: This herb is commonly used in the kitchen and is very helpful in treating high blood pressure. Natural healers are using this wonderful herb to lower blood pressure. It can not only lower the high blood pressure but also raise the low blood pressure as a blood pressure regulator. Garlic of fresh, organic quality which is strong whitish in color and contain not more than eight to twelve cloves is the high quality garlic. Raw garlic with raw honey may be used as natural herbal treatment for blood pressure.

Cayenne Pepper Herb: It is really one of the best herbs for circulation and second only to garlic to get lowered the high blood pressure. To get desired results, the pepper are supposed to be quite hot.

Red Clover is Good Thinner: It is really effective blood thinner herb and can decrease blood pressure. Quality of this herb will make a lot of difference and should be used when it is in blossoms with rich purple and not in brown, to lower the blood pressure.

Water is Precious: It is very essential to drink lot of water to flush out excessive minerals and inorganic salts out of the body. It is recommended by the doctor that at least eight glass of water should be taken to keep the blood pressure under control.

Hawthorne Berry: This herb is being used like garlic to lower the blood pressure. An extract of this should be taken regularly to decrease high blood pressure with no side effects.

Daikon Seed Extract: It is virtually effective to keep good cardio-vascular health and helps to support healthy blood pressure

Guggul Herb: It is very effective to lower the blood fat levels and raise the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which is good cholesterol. It can keep the high blood pressure under control.

Arjuna Herb: It can tone up the heart muscle to strengthen the blood circulation. This herb is usually used regularly to have control over the high blood pressure

Folic Acid is helpful: The folic acid can help in keeping the blood pressure under control and results are extremely positive. It is also called folate, which is Vitamin-B, can easily found in green vegetables, fruit, beans and fortified grains.

Mistletoe, Marshmallow Root, Ginger: These herbs are quite helping in lowering the blood pressure. It keeps the body fit and heart muscle healthy.

Some Fruit are Very Effective: Grape skin and seed extract, Apple, Alma and Melon are anti-oxidant, anti-inflamatory to strengthen the weak blood vessels. It keeps the health and heart healthy without any kind of side effects.