How to Remove Blackheads at Home ?

Blackheads (open comedones) is a common skin problem which occurs due to oily skin. Black heads usually appear on upper cheeks and nose. In fact, a large section of any given population witnesses the problem of blackheads particularly on the nose area. When skin oil blocks hair follicles, blackheads appear on the skin. This obstruction is known as sebum or dead skin.

Dead skin generates black tints and these tints disappear with time automatically. New blackheads replace the old ones if you neglect this skin problem. By adopting hygienic way of living and by cleaning your face with fresh water after regular intervals you can prevent blackheads.  You can avoid these tiny bumps embedded in the skin by adopting very easy home remedies.

Avoid oily and spicy food for proper skin care. Drink plenty of water to lessen the impact of oil on skin. Avoid using soap on skin for attaining clear and blazing skin. You can use mild face wash to clean your face to keep it oil free. You can use lemon juice to remove dead skin and to get rid of blackheads. Lemon has the quality to work as an astringent for clean skin.

It is a suggestion that if you want to remove black heads speedily, rub lemon juice daily on them before sleep. Before rubbing lemon juice, it is necessary to wash your face with fresh water. You can also add rose water in it for this purpose. Rub lemon juice till the skin absorbs it. Rinse your face in the morning with cozy water. Repeat this activity for 8-10 days. It will also helps in enhancing your skin health.

Baking soda is a common kitchen ingredient. You can use baking soda as a scrub to remove black heads. For making facial scrub add honey and sugar in it. Apply this mixture on your face. Scrub the affected area with this scrubber gently and leave it on your face for 5 minutes. Rinse your face with cozy water and dry it with soft cotton towel. You can use this mixture daily for getting rid of black heads successfully.

You can also use herbal steam to remove black heads. For making material for steam, mix groundnut oil with one spoon of lemon juice, add honey in it and steam your face with this mixture for 10-15 minutes daily.  Honey is a boon for skin. You can also add salt and lemon juice in honey to make facial scrubs.

The mixture of honey and cinnamon powder is also very effective for removing blackheads. Apply this mixture on your face at night and wash your face in the morning. One thing is very important to remember. Always use cozy water to wash any mixture or paste from skin. Otherwise, these mixtures can cause pimples, loose skin and dry rashes.

Turmeric is very important for skin health. The mixture of mint juice with turmeric powder is a sure treatment for black heads. You can also add coriander powder in this mixture for better results.