How to Remove Whiteheads at Home?

The sebaceous glands secrets oil or sebum and it get collected in the form of whiteheads or acne. These deposits plug up in closing the skin pores which results in forming the whiteheads. Tiny white bumps appears on the skin surface and if the hair follicle does not get air, then due to oxidation the white bumps remains on the skin. Sometimes whiteheads take the deep seat in the skin which results in spoiling the texture of the skin and skin may also lose its luster. Delicate regions of skin are prone to whiteheads. Areas like foreheads, temples, nose sides, and chick bones may usually affects by whiteheads. Apart from face, it may even affects on other body parts hip, armpit or cheeks. Hormonal imbalance is also one of the causes of getting whiteheads.

  • Maintaining a proper skin cleaning routine is the best home remedy to get rid from this problem.
  • Maintain the skin hygiene with help of medicated soaps. Try to avoid oil based make up, especially when you are suffering from this problem. Use of scrubber to eliminate the dead skin is also recommended.
  • Application of fenugreek paste for the whole night gives whiteheads free morning.
  • Apply the corn starch and vinegar mixture on the skin for about 30 minutes and then rub if off with the warm water. This remedy helps in cleaning the whiteheads.
  • Prepare a scrubber at home using 50ml raw milk, pinch of salt and 2tsp lime juice top drag out the problem directly from the skin pores.
  • Take a small quantity of lime juice and mix it with roasted and powdered pomegranate to get the freedom from whiteheads.
  • Scrubber made with almond powder also dislodges the whiteheads. Potatoes poultice is also works as an effective home remedy while treating with the problem of whiteheads.
  • Consume enough warm water lemon juice every morning to get detoxification also helps to get rid away from whiteheads.
  • Another best home remedy include mixture of beaten egg white and 1 tsp of honey, dab the mixture on affected area, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it to get the required result.
  • Steam inhalation can also enlarge the skin pores resulting in extracting the hard deposits.
  • Extract of bee propolis mixed with water helps to get away from whiteheads.
  • As everyone are well aware of the results of sandalwood and rose water in treating the skin diseases, so apply the mask of this mixture on the face and wash it after 30 minutes, this helps in reducing the problem of whiteheads.