Joint Pain Natural Remedies

Joint pain is not a disease in itself but is a symptom of body weakness, increase in the level of uric acid, low body calcium and low fluids in the body. Joint pains can be caused by injuries, joint wounds, excessive strain on joints of body, swelling of the bursa and inflammation of the supporting tendons. Obesity, heredity and infection are also the causes of joint pain.

Pain in joints is a very common problem in every part of the world. The victims of joint pain are especially old age people but young people of poor diet habits are also their easy victims. To avoid pain in joints, balanced diet is a must. One should drink plenty of water also. Make fruits a compulsory component in your daily diet. Ginger and garlic are the best cooking ingredients for healing joint pains. Make a paste of 50mg of ginger and 20 mg of garlic. Cook this paste for 4-6 minutes in one spoon of pure ghee (oil). Intake of this mixture once a day will definitely be helpful in preventing joint pain.

In joint pain natural remedies, Ginger tea is also very effective. Ginger is a well renowned anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic and anti-mutagenic agent. Ginger extract is also available easily in herbal medical stores. You can apply ginger paste directly on the affected area for quick relief. You can add turmeric in it for better results. You can also consume ginger powder with honey. However, avoid honey if you are a patient of diabetes.

Turmeric is a time tested herb for killing pain. Curcumin content present in it is very useful in avoiding pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. For curing swelling in joints, herbalists suggest consuming turmeric by adding black pepper in it.

Winter cherry also known as Ashwagandha is also a valuable herb in this matter. Glycosides, tropine, and amino acids present in it make it a blessing for the patients of joint pains. It is very effective for reducing inflammation in a short period. It regenerates body cells and accelerates the healing process. Mix molasses and pure ghee in winter cherry to prepare porridge. Intake of this mixture empty stomach in the morning for 20 days will help you cure joint pain.

Black cohosh is a herbal remedy that is very effective in this case. Intolerable joint pain can also be healed quickly by its intake. It is also helpful in preventing inflammation.

You can eat Banana, as it is one of the best fruit for natural joint pain relief. It strengthens joint muscles and lubricates joints for better functioning. Amla is also helpful in healing joint pain. Intake of two amlas with milk in the morning is very good. However you must remember that balanced diet, especially fiber rich diet is very much required for the long time flawless functioning of joints.

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