Mountain Cedar Allergy Relief With Herbs

Mountain cedar fever is an allergenic fever that causes sneezing, itchiness in eyes, coughing, throat problems like irritation and swelling in throat, headache, excessive exhaustion, congestion, low level of energy, watery eyes, body aches and of course fever. It can catch you in winters particularly from the period of Christmas to Valentine day.

This fever can spoil your Christmas holidays and celebrations. Actually, it is caused by the pollens of mountain cedar tree, which is why it is named on the name of this tree. Many people have allergy from the pollens of cedar tree and become the victim of this fever. Many medicines are available in market to treat mountain cedar fever but some people are very sensitive and become victims of other allergies with these medicines. Herbal way is the best way to cure all such fevers.

There are many natural remedies for Mountain Cedar allergy relief. Herbal science is very effective in treating mountain cedar fever without any side effects. Herbs like magnolia flower, xanthium fruit, astragalus root, atractylodes root, cicada moulting, trichocanthes root, sweetgum fruit etc. are very useful in preventing this fever.

Astragalus root is the best herb for treating this fever. It strengthens the immune system against the after effects of this fever and has the ability to modulate our immune system for relief from the problem of fatigue and low grade fever.

Magnolia flower and xanthium fruit are also useful in alleviating the problems of nose, ear and throat that arise due to mountain cedar fever. Few drops of magnolia flower and xanthium fruit extract help in relieving nasal congestion. It also helps in treating irritation in ears and eyes.

For sore throat and coughing, mint is very beneficial. Mint leaves can be used as paste or you can make their tea for quick relief. You can add honey, ginger, onion and Anardana in this paste for taste. All these ingredients are helpful in reducing throat related problems and give strength to the immune system also.

Angelica root and ledebouriella root are also effective in reducing itchiness of eyes, ear and throat. Herbs like trichocanthes root and sweetgum fruit helps in reducing inflammation and irritation due to this fever. Due to their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties trichocanthes root and sweetgum fruit improve the functioning of digestive system. One thing is very important that you should consult a qualified herbalist before using these herbs regularly.

It is also a suggestion that you should wear dust mask whenever you go outside your home in winter season to protect yourself from cedar pollen. Wash you eyes and hands immediately whenever you come back at home.  Use nasal saline lotion 8-10 times a day to rinse your nose. You can also use sea water or salt water for this purpose. In winter season, clean your clothes at regular intervals to keep yourself away from this disease.