Natural Herbal Cure For Ear Infection

ear-infection natural cureEar infection is a common problem in children and adults as well. It may be caused by common cold or upper respiratory infection like sinusitis, tonsils and adenoids. A fever may be felt by the sufferers depending on the cause of infection with runny nose, coughing and other cold symptoms. There could be any reasons of ear infection but many medicines are prescribed to treat it. Some herbal and natural remedies are there to cure it properly.

Echinacea: It is used as tincture as well to reduce the drainage and healing is speeded up. This is effective remedy for ear infection.

Garlic: It can be heated up in an oil to be applied with cotton to place it inside the ear to help in fighting any kinds of infection.

Goldenseal: It is really effective in curing ear infection and also boost up immune system to get speedy recovery. It is available in tincture and capsules.

Green Tea: This tea is quite helpful in fighting viral infection of the ear as well. This tea can be taken twice in a day or as recommended by the doctor.

St. John’s Wort: It is very effective herb to cure ear infection. It has got anti-viral and anti-inflammatory to help in reducing infection in the ear.

Olive Leaf: It is quite useful for the relief from ear infection and is available in tincture and capsules also.

Mullein: It can relieve inflamed lining in ear canals. It is applied to the cotton to be inserted into the ear to get relief.

Holy Basil: It is very simple and effective cure for this ailment and the drops of holy basil are used to get relief.

Mango leaves: These leaves can be used for earache and it is to be boiled to put lukewarm drops into the ears to get cure from infection.

Onion juice: Try to put some boiled juice of onion into the ear to get relief from earache. This is very reliable remedy of earache and is easily available in every kitchen.

Elderberry: This is a bush with blue and black flowers and is anti-viral to treat this ailment. It will boost up the immune system and also anti-oxidant.

Tips to prevent ear infections

  • Avoid milk, cold drinks which can the worsen ear aches.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods because they can irritate the ear infections.
  • It is better to eat vegetables which are rich in minerals, vitamins and zinc and are good for keeping the ear infection and aches under control.
  • Always avoid alcohol and smoking, it will give relief from this ailment.
  • Clean the ears regularly with cotton buds and prevent water to be deposited in the ear.
  • Try to take sips of warm vegetable soups or bite or chew soft foods with teeth  to get relief from  pain.