Natural Herbal Cure For Herpes

natural herpes cureHerpes are called viruses which are found in large number in the body to cause various diseases. Herpes simplex 1(HSV1) can cause mild outbreaks of cold sores on the mouth or lips. There are Herpes simplex 2(HPV2) will be more sever to give problems of genital herpes and mouth can be affected again. Both kinds of herpes infections will cause painful blisters and are usually very infectious. Blisters can be contagious till completely cured and it takes at least two to four weeks to heal. There are very little chances of transmitting this infection after the blisters are cured.

Symptoms of HSV1

There can be burning and tingling around the lips portion, followed by small red color pimples which will turn to blisters. This can be followed by mild fever and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck portion. It tends to recur following the sunburn because the immune system get weaken.

Symptoms Of HPV2

There generally feeling of burning or itching in the genital portion and can be followed by blisters which turn into a very painful sores. These are infectious sores with painful urination and appear like flu type symptoms. These symptoms are more sever in women. Most of the women may experience recurrence this within next few months or years. It can damage the liver also and will pass on to the child during the childbirth and increase the risk of blindness or brain damage. Cervical cancer may be developed from genital herpes and it is advised for women to get pap smears. Some natural cures for herpes are given here.

Echinacea: This herb should be taken as preventive measure for those who are prone to herpes. It may take for three months to get completely cured. This can be taken in tea or tincture or capsules form.

Pau d’arco: Take this herb in the diet for at least three to six months. It can be used in the form of tablets or tea or tincture. This is considered as the best preventative measure to avoid re-occurrence.

Calendula: This is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory to cure herpes and can be used in the form of cream or tincture.

Lemon Balm: This is an antiviral herb and helps to treat herpes. It can be taken as tea or tincture and ointment be applied externally.

Olive Leaves: These are also antiviral and it’s extract can be used to cure this problem.

St.John’s Wort: It is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory to treat this problem to be used as tincture or oil of this herb may be used externally to the affected area.

White Oak: It can be taken in acute initial stage of herpes and is taken in the form of tea to get relief.

Bayberry: It is also very useful herb for natural treatment of herpes, taken in chronic herpes and can be applied in tincture form to get the desired relief.


It is strongly recommended to strengthen the immunity system of the body to prevent and re-occurrence herpes from infected cells. Genital herpes are more painful and contagious, so precautions must be take to avoid herpes to another person coming in contact. Natural remedies for genital herpes are available in herbal form and very effective as well.