Natural Herbal Headache Relief Remedies

headache natural reliefEverybody in this world experiences headaches sometimes, in one form or another. Many medications are used to treat these problems but some herbs are very effective to cure this ailment completely. Headache can be experienced as mild or severe even due to tension or sometimes migraine. Migraine can bring change in the vision, sensitivity to light and nausea. Some natural herbal remedies are as follows.

Feverfew: It is very effective herb which can prevent and stop headaches. The leaves of this herb can be taken to reduce the frequency of migraines and is taken in capsule form or as a fresh leaf.

Ginkgo Biloba: It can help to give relief in migraine and improves blood circulation, decreases inflammation.

Dandelion Herb: It is blood purifiers and it also helps to clear heat from the body, soothe the liver and relieve headaches.

Black Cohosh: It is really anti- rheumatic to help in getting the muscles relaxed which cause deeper tension and stress which leads to headaches. Women can have relief from menopause problems with this herb as well.

Garlic and Ginger: Both of these are natural pain killer. These are normally used in kitchens in cooking food and very effective pain killers without any side effects. Ginger can be applied as a paste on the forehead to get relief from pain. These will improve circulation.

Sandalwood and Cinnamon: The paste of these herbs can be applied on the forehead to get relief from pain. It gives a cool feeling to the person and releases the muscles.

Betel leaves: These leaves can provide soothing relaxation and pain gets relieved. It should be applied on the centre of the head.

Cayenne: It is a spicy ingredient which is used in cooking but is a wonderful treatment for headaches. It is a herb which can stimulate the blood to flow to help ease the headaches and even migraines.

Valerian, Skullcap and Lemon Balm: These are anti-spasm herbs and useful in treating the problems of headaches and promote tranquility. It has got anti-spasm effects to get sedating and relaxing effects also.

Willow Bark: It is good pain killers and useful for relief in headaches and migraines. It is easily available at any health store and is taken in capsules form.

Meadowsweet: It is extremely effective to relieve from pain but can upset the stomach. Even ulcer can be treated by this herb effectively but doctor must be consulted before using this herb.

Spearmint: This herb is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal to be used for fever headaches and bronchitis.

Ashwaganda: It is most effective to give relief in anxiety disorders like headaches and depression. It can be very effective in curing phobia and other mental disorders and is taken in the form of capsules.

Brahmi: It is very useful herb and is anti-anxiety and anti-depression to treat headaches and migraine.

St. John’s Wort: It is very effective and useful herb for depression and anxiety which may be root causes of headache.