Natural Herbal Remedies For Cancer

Cb033262Cancer is such a dangerous disease that people get scared to hear this name. It is chronic disorder of immune and metabolism, which is seen in the abnormal growth of cells of many types of tissues. It can invade and destroy other parts of the body. Many medicines and therapies are used to cure this disease still, use of natural herbal medicine is also considered an effective treatment.

Garlic: It is a natural antibiotic which can stimulate the immune system and enhance the effectiveness of the white blood cells and T-cells. It stops toxin growth by germs and is fine source to increase immune system.

Echinacea: This herb is very useful in curing this disease and treatment with this may take longer time but is very effective.

Gingeng:It can affect the immune control centers of the central nervous system to increase output of restoring equilibrium.

Astragalus: It can increase the production of interferon which is an immune factor to stop viral growth. Even patients of bronchitis have got relief by taking this herb

Licorice Root: It is really important herb to cure this disease and is often compared with Chinese ginseng.

Pau d’arco or Lapacho: This herb is called a immune system stimulant. Its action is against viruses and stop growth of several dangerous viruses and bacteria. It can prevent even from aids disease also.

Wild Indigo: It is a natural antibiotic against infections. It kills the microbe and stopping it from multiplying in the body. This herb is very effective in enhancing immune system of the body. It is also called a strong decongestant.

Myrrh: It works as bacteria killing effect of white blood cells. This herb is also effective to fight against infection.

Escarotic Herb: It is recommended to help break down tumors. It can improve digestive weakness also.

Thymes: This herb is usually used to fight against infections and can    cure cancerous disease.

Aloe Vera: It can stimulate the immune system and it has got substance like acemannan which can cure cancer and aids even. It is antiviral and nontoxic to get relief.

Birch: This herb is very effective in curing cancer even and other diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera can be treated by this herb.

Home Tips for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

  • The tomatoes are the richest sources of flavenoid lycopene which turn them in red color can help to cure cancer disease.
  • Blueberry has got plenty of flavenoids and can defend against cancer of all types.
  • Spinach has got antioxidant and good treatment to prevent cancer to grow.
  • Garlic can protect against cancer and once in week consumption can lower the risk.
  • Whole wheat can lower the risk of cancer and protect the body from heart problems also.
  • Oranges are rich in vitamin C is an anti-cancer agents for protection.
  • Strawberries is anti-cancer growth.
  • Beans are anti-cancer.