Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

Bad breath is called halitosis which may be an uncommon condition. People are generally unaware of this problem. It can be tested by the person concerned by putting a handkerchief or even by blowing on the palm to smell to know that the smell is odorous which is called bad breath. Gum disease caused by the dental decay at the roots of the teeth results in foul smell in the breath. Small holes in the teeth can cause germs to multiply to release foul odors. Problems in the respiratory tract such as nose, throat, chronic tonsillitis, lung disease, bronchitis, sinusitis and gastritis are the common causes of bad breath. Some natural remedies are quite useful in curing this ailment.

Fenugreek: Tea of this may be taken regularly to improve the condition. One teaspoon seeds of this may be boiled in a half a litre of water, let it simmer for fifteen minutes. It can be taken after straining twice daily to get quick relief.

Guava: Raw guava is good to treat this problem. It has got tannic, phosphoric acids, malic, oxalic, calcium, oxalate and manganese which are  good for teeth and gums. It cures bleeding of gums to stop bad breath. Chewing its leaves is equally important for gums.

Avocado: It is very effective to treat this disease which is superior to many mouth lotion or mouth wash. It can remove intestinal decomposition to cure this ailment. It may be eaten twice in a day to get relief quickly.

Parsley: Boil several sprigs of it with two cloves  and let it cool down. After straining drink this solution for getting relief from this problem. It can also be used as mouth wash.

Raw Juices: Juices of green vegetable and fruits may be taken to get rid of this ailment instantly. Make it a habit to take it regularly to get relief. Fruits of all types may be taken to heal this disease.

Drink tea : Drink tea, both green and black have polyphenols which helps to stop the growth of bacteria which is responsible for bad breath. It can be taken twice in a day to prevent this problem.

Mint And Rosemary: Make a mouthwash using these herbs. It is a very effective remedy for bad breath. Take one teaspoon each of mint leaves, anise seeds, and rosemary in a pan and add three cups of water, boil it for about half an hour. Let it cool and strain it. Use this solution for mouthwash.

Tongue scraper is also advised to remove dead cells, food particles and bacteria from the tongue. A thick coating on the tongue is called ama which is caused by incomplete digestion. Even tooth brush can be used in case the scraper is not available to clean the tongue to prevent this problem.