Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

People from almost every part of world are well aware about the uses and advantages of a computer but unfortunately the either side of the computer produces lot of bad effects on user’s health. Consistent user of computer may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition caused due to repetitive usage of hands and fingers in discomfort or improper positions. The culprit behind this condition is of course your computer keyboard. When a person suffers from this type of nerve disorder, median nerve, which is a major nerve, gets compressed and the person may suffer from pain, numbness in the hands or fingers and tingling too. If the pain persists for long time then the person may get experience of sleepless night’s due to severe pain.

Few natural and home remedies are available which can really helpful to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome. Basically, prevention is the best way to avoid this problem.

Healthy diet should be the part of your routine. Include vitamin B in your diet, especially vitamin B6 will be more useful. You must stay away from the packaged food as it contains tartrazine which obstructs in the absorption of that vitamin. The food items which contains tartrazine includes puddings and packaged ice creams, aerated beverages with yellow or orange colors, yogurt, skimmed milk, butter and margarine and tinned fruits and vegetables. However you can include those food items which have a rich source of vitamin B6 and those items include chicken, pork, salmon and turkey. Few vegetarian items which are rich source of vitamin B6 include chick peas, potatoes, Bok Choy and sunflower seeds.  Fruit which have vitamin B6 includes mangoes, avocados and bananas.

  • Opting for an ice pack is also a best way where you will get immediate relief from the pain.
  • Perfect height of keyboard along with your sitting position is important factor. Very high keyboard will surely be a cause of carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Take regular intervals from your computer desk, do not sit for more than one hour on the same place.
  • Twist your wrists lightly, clock wise and anti clock wise, daily for few minutes will help to ease nerves and strengthen them. Stretch and extend your wrist and even fingers acutely and follow this activity twice in day.
  • Shading excess pounds will also help in reducing pain caused due to carpal tunnel, as excess body weight increases lot of pressure and stress.
  • Yoga also play an important role in strengthening muscles, so practice yoga at home every morning and get the mighty grip for your muscles.
  • Use wrist splint especially in the night and even while working on the computer. In case of severe pain also this splint will give relief.
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