Natural Remedies For Chickenpox In Children

Chickenpox is a communicable disease, which affects children mostly in the age of 3-4 years. As chicken pox affects the immune system, special attention should be given to diet of your child so that it can build his immunity. A diet chart should be made to give proper attention and nutrients to such a patient. Parents should consult a physician before giving anything to their child because children are very sensitive.

Chicken pox in children is a common disease and many home remedies are there to cure it. Proper care of cleanliness and diet is much required. Oatmeal is beneficial in this disease. You can give your child a bath with oatmeal. For this, you should boil one cup of oatmeal in one liter of water for 10-15 minutes. After this, put this concoction in a cotton cloth and tie it strongly. Take cozy water in a tub and put this tightly tied bag containing the mixture in water. After some time when color of water changes, allow your child to play in this water. During this process you should keep vigil over your child.

You can also use black vinegar for bath if you don’t want to use oatmeal. Massage with vitamin E oil is also beneficial before bath. During massage one thing should be kept in mind that you should rub vitamin E oil very gently on the area where chicken pox is present. Sponging your child with baking soda water is also useful for relieving itching.

You can prepare oil with witch hazel, German chamomile, lavender, and tea tree. Mix all these in distilled water and sponge on the itchy or swollen area. People use Neem leaves to keep the room and body of such a patient clean. It is a traditional method to dip Neem leaves in a bucket over night and bathe your child with this water. Paste of neem leaves is also very effective in curing itching and inflammation. A bath with Neem leaves is beneficial for everyone in keeping diseases, particularly communicable diseases at an arm’s length.

When you are looking after a child affected with chicken pox, you must be extra cautious about his diet. In this disease immune system gets very weak so you should keep your child on a liquid diet for some days. Fruit and vegetable juices are the best for such patients. Lemon juice is very much beneficial. It gives energy and cooling effect. You can give semi- liquid diet like mashed banana, yogurt, avocados, porridge, etc after some improvement in your child. It is suggested that you change your child’s diet after consulting your doctor.

As vitamin A, C and E and Zinc are good for immune system, give your child a diet full of nutrition but with doctor’s consultation. Chicken pox is a serious illness because it affects children of very small age group. When you deal with this disease, you should be extremely careful.