Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is a common condition which occurs when you consume food or even water which contains parasites, certain types of bacteria, toxins or viruses.  In most of the cases it causes due to presence of common bacteria, known as Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus. There is common misconception about food poisoning that it causes due to chemicals and preservatives available in the food particle. But according to study, 80% cases of food poisoning causes because of unknown contaminants.

The best home remedy for suspected food poisoning is complete bed rest. If it worsens, then vomiting will start and then at that time you must follow the rounds of fluid replenishment. The victim may suffer from lack of natural electrolytes, and then the patient should consume fortified water bottles. One tablespoon lemon juice with one cup of water can give big relief and works as supportive home care. You can also use organic apple cider vinegar as a home remedy. Nausea feeling can be treated with cup of soy bean oil with few drops of garlic oil, as for instant relief you can rub this mixture on the stomach.

Ginger tea also works well if consumed after every meal, as it helps in cleaning pathogen particles available in the body. Another natural home remedy includes mixture of 1 tsp. of black paper, 2 garlic cloves along with little salt, mix this mixture with 4 cups of water. Boil it till the water quantity gets reduced to half and consume it three times a day. It helps in cleaning the bacteria available in the body which in turns treat diarrhea. Sipping herbal tea is also works as a best home remedy; especially meadow sweet tea will help you in treating this disease.

Rub the lavender oil on the abdomen to get the relief from the pain. While in traveling you must consume super foods, green powders and vitamin c to make your body strengthen, so your body will fight against the bacteria available in the outside food. With the help of ripe bananas and cultured vegetables you can supply probiotic supplements to your body, even if you will be away from your house.

  • In case of food poisoning prevention works as a best remedy. Healthy and fresh eating habits can reduce the chances of contracting the poor health. So keep the area of kitchen as clean as possible and always eat fresh food.
  • At the time of traveling make sure you are consuming proper vitamin supplements to make your body stronger.
  • It is important to treat this digestion distress at earliest, may be as soon as it start showing even its first symptom.
  • In case fever, fatigue, nonstop vomiting you must consult your doctor.