Natural Remedies For Heart Problems

Heart is the central organ of human body. Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases are now very common among people of all age groups, all strata of society and all races. Heart diseases are mostly related to inefficiency of blood vessels because of their narrowing. This halts the circulation of blood and leads to congestion.

Heart diseases are of many types like myocardial insufficiency, congestive heart failure, right ventricular failure, left ventricular failure, forward heart failure, back ward heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Enlarged tender liver, engrossed neck veins, stress, sweating, ankle edema, pitting edema, palpitations etc. are the symptoms of heart problems.

Excessive eating, smoking, intake of excessive alcohol, over weight, junk food, spicy and oily food, butter, red meat, soft drinks, caffeine, high cholesterol food, excessive sugar etc. are the mediums of causing problem to heart.  If you want to keep your heart in a better working order throughout life, avoid the above mentioned things and opt light food full of fibers. Raw food, fish, garlic, ginger, honey, onions, raw nuts, olive oil, tomatoes, apples and even chicken are good for the health of heart.

Natural remedies for heart problems are also very effective. It’s better to take resort to herbal remedies even in the slightest of cases of heart problem in addition to your regular medication. Citrin (garcinia cambogia) helps in preventing amassing of fats in the circulatory system. It gives strength to liver and improves the flow of blood.

Cayenne is very helpful in improving the working of digestive system and circulatory system. The scientific name of cayenne is capsicum annum. It regulates the pressure of blood and strengthens pulse. It also helps in controlling cholesterol level. Its components cleanse the circulatory system and also help in rebuilding damaged cells and arteries. It is advised that cayenne should not be consumed to a large extent as it thins blood.

Garlic is a much known name in the category of healthy heart foods. It helps in lowering cholesterol level and in improving health of heart. 2-4 bulbs of garlic are advised to be consumed empty stomach if you are the patient of heart and high blood pressure. Garlic is also good for the health of immune system.

Ginger is also a very common ingredient of our kitchens and is good for the health of circulatory system and respiratory system. Gingers also acts as a purifying agent as it purifies blood and removes impurities from it. It is also helpful in regulating cholesterol and blood pressure and helps in preventing blood clots that can cause serious heart problems.

Gotu kola (centella asiatica) is used by herbalists for purifying blood and controlling cholesterol levels. It contains beta-sitoerol that helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

Hawthorn berries (crataegus oxycantha or Shan Zha) are also very helpful herb in controlling blood pressure and heart beat. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, they help in reducing heart burn and relax the muscles of heart. They also strengthen the nerves and muscles of heart.