Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common problems of the ladies on achieving menopause. It is sudden feeling of heat which is commonly accompanied by reddening of face and sometimes sweating may be felt. There is an increase in heart beat rate which is usually reported. The duration of hot flashes is generally for short period of time but it may be for longer period of time for some ladies. Some herbs and home remedies are very effective in treating this disease.

Black Cohosh: It is clinically proven that extract of Black Cohosh relieves hot flashes and is widely used in United States as a food supplement for treatment of hot flashes. The extract of this can give relief in depression, indigestion and vaginal atrophy.

Chaste berry (Vitex): It is traditionally used for centuries to cure  hot flashes by regulating hormone levels in women. It has got the properties to boost up the pituitary function. The menopause related other problems are treated by this effective herb.

Motherwort: It is one of the best herb for treating menopause related anxiety and  hot flashes. Severity and frequency of hot flashes can be reduced by this herb. The stress level is eased and insomnia is also relieved. The best results can be got by using this herb for longer period of time.

Licorice root: This herb is generally used as a treatment for ladies for menopausal disorders. It regulates hormone levels and relieves mood disorder, anxiety also. The problem of hot flashes is treated effectively by this herb. It can be taken in tea, capsules or in powder form.

Wild Yam: This plant produces a hormone like substance that is same as female hormone progesterone. Thus extract of this plant helps to correct hormonal balance. It reduces the severity of hot flashes. It can be taken in tincture form 1/2  teaspoon three to five times a day, powder form is also available.

Dong Quai: This herb is generally found in Japan and China and can decrease flushing, sweats vaginal dryness and bladder weakness. Menopause irregularities are cured by this herb.

Red Clover: Isoflavones is a plant based estrogen like chemical that is found in red clover, has shown its importance in treatment of hot flashes. Its use in treatment of other menopausal conditions is also helpful.

Holy Basil: It helps woman to fight menopausal  symptoms including hot flashes. The leaves of holy basil can be chewed, or can be used a make tea of it.

Fennel, unicorn root and sarsaparilla: Fennel extract have estrogenic properties which helps women to fight with menopausal related disorders like hot flashes. Unicorn root is very useful to treat female disorders including menopause related problem of hot flashes. It stimulates ovarian hormones which helps to cope with menopausal symptoms. Sarsaparilla has progesterogenic properties it means it is useful to treat menopausal related problems including hot flashes. Combination of these herb is very useful to cure hot flashes.

Angelica: This herb can ease hot flashes and also soothe irritated mind and stabilize mood swings. It balances female hormones. This is also useful for men experiencing hot flashes after Androgen Deprivation Therapy for prostate Cancer.

Chaste Tree. (Vitex agnus castus): This herb can regulate menopause problems and hormonal balance is restored. The regular use of this herb has shown good results. It stimulates the pituitary gland to raise progesterone levels and helps to restore hormonal imbalance.

Ginseng: Ginseng contains plant estrogen phytoestrogenis which is effective in curing menstrual ailment including hot flashes and sweating. Ginseng can be used regularly and is easily available in capsule form.