Natural Remedies For Low Platelets

Human body requires 150,000-450,000 platelets in each micro-liter of blood. Blood platelets are scientifically termed as Thrombocytes. These are small disk shaped blood cells that are produced in the bone marrow. The main function of platelets starts when your body gets a cut or a wound. Platelets help in forming a clot or shell to prevent excessive bleeding.  When the level of platelets goes down, it reduces the ability of normal clotting of blood. Low level of platelets also reduces the ability of body to fight with infections. This condition is medically termed as Thrombocytopenia.

The main cause of low level of blood platelets is the malfunctioning of bone marrow or depression in bone marrow, which is the production place of platelets. Poor life style, poor food habits, over eating, obesity, junk food, spicy food, long working hours, less sleep, drugs, alcohol, cancer, spleen problem, leukemia, AIDS, etc. halt the functioning of bone marrow. Cancer, spleen problem, leukemia, AIDS and lymphoma damage the stem cells of a person that can cause low platelets. Many medical ways have been devised to cure this problem like blood transfusion, prednisone and immunoglobulin dosages and many more drugs.

Natural remedies for low platelets is also helpful in overcoming this condition because it does all this in a very natural way. Ashwagandha, yakrit plihantak churna, punarnava mandur, rohitakarishta, Aloe Vera, wheat grass juice etc. are available in ayurvedic shops that are helpful in treating the problem of low platelets effectively.

Nutritious diet is the best way to prevent this problem. Add papaya, apple, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, carrot, fish, egg, soybean and cereals in your diet to overcome this problem. Intake of 20 ml of papaya leaves juice daily with an interval of 3 hours will surely increase the platelet count. Vitamin C is very good for increasing blood platelets. Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C like papaya, orange, green chilly, capsicum, etc. are good source of vitamin C. Its tablets are also available at drug shops.

Natural ways to increase blood platelets for children, ayurveda has prescribed a mixture of 5 gm of praval panchamrit, 10 gm of swarn makshik bhasam, 5 gm of tapyadi loh, 2.5 gm of rajat bhasam, 2 gm of abharak bhasam, 5 gm of kalmegh navayas loh, 1 gm of maha laxmi vilas ras, 1 gm of jai manga ras, 1 gm of swaran bhupati ras, 10 gm of giloy satv, and 500 mg of swaran bhasam. For making dosages divide whole of the mixture in 60 equal parts and give 1 part daily to the child with honey for relief.

Regular exercise in fresh air and good living habits can prevent you from all diseases. Fresh air will definitely improve the functioning of bone marrow. By taking good sleep and by avoiding drugs, alcohol, junk food and smoking you can prevent the problem of low platelets. Eat healthy, live healthy should be your motto in life.