Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease which can affect the myelin sheath i.e. a protective membrane that surrounds the nerve fiber of the central nervous system. Myelin will facilitate the function of the nerves to transmit electrical impulses to and from the brain.

This system gets damaged when signals from the brain are disrupted causing various problem related to the brain. The nerves are damaged or broken in extreme case. No specific cause of this problem is known, and no treatment is known. Some herbal natural remedies are very effective to slow down the disease.

Green Tea: Contains catechin and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and is able to stop lipoplysaccharide and gamma-interferon-induced oxidative stress. It is very potential in the prevention of neuro-degenerative diseases. It can inhibit auto-reactive T cells which may attack the tissue.

Ginko Biloba: This herb can slow the cognitive deterioration of the brain by increasing the blood flow to the nervous system of the body. This is very useful for MS patients. It should be used twice in a day to get good results.

Lion’s mane mushroom: It is noted to have properties of stimulating nerve growth strongly and contains antioxidants, immuno-modulators, and glyconutrients. It should be cooked as food to eat regularly to get relief and slow down the damaged brain system.

Siberian ginseng: It is a kind of tonic to help boost up the immune system. It can support adrenal glands which helps the nervous system of the body. Its capsules may be taken twice or thrice in a day to treat this ailment or slow down the process of nerve damaging at the earliest.

Turmeric: It is found in popular  Indian spice turmeric. It can stop the progression of this disease. It may be consumed regularly to cure or slow down the disease of nerves. Turmeric may be used in all kinds of foods and it can be taken in raw form in milk twice in a day to get relief.

Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane): It is commonly found in Indian kitchen. It is found in studies that it can block the progression of multiple sclerosis. It interrupts the production of IL-12, a protein, responsible for playing a role in destruction of the myelin sheath by signaling for the development of neural antigen specific Th1 cells, then immune cells launch an attack on the myelin sheath.

Sunflower Seed Oil: These seeds oil contain fatty acids which the MS patients are found deficient. This oil can reduce the frequency of MS attacks. Oil may be used regularly to prevent or slow down the disease. It has got the tremendous value to reverse of the auto-immune disease.

Licorice: It has enormous value for reversal of auto immune disorder. It contains glycosides,  glycyrrhizin  and glycyrrhizinic acid they have same structure as natural steroids in the body which help to restore natural steroid production from the adrenal glands. It is very helpful as natural remedy for Multiple Sclerosis.

Myrrh: It stimulates the immune system and also has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic  properties, which are very helpful for treating MS.