Natural Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

Several mucus glands available in nasal area produce mucus on normal basis. If the glands produce excess mucus then it gets accumulate at the back of throat and nose. This condition is called as post nasal drip. This irritating condition gives experience of continuous dripping from nose. The reason behind this condition may be sinus infection, common cold or allergy. Several quick and efficient methods are available which gives rescue from post nasal drip problem. However the problem of getting post nasal drip varies from person to person, which includes pollution, hypertension, pregnancy, and allergy or stress level. At home natural remedies for post nasal drip are also very effective.

Avoid triggers or allergens: Allergy is the root cause for this post drip nasal problem. Trace out the food allergies by eliminating those food items which causes problems. List down those food items, which you are allergic of, write it into your diary to avoid its usage. If you are a pet lover, then be meticulous in cleaning off your pet, carpet, bedding and sofas.

Immunize your body: A weak body is always suffers from different types of allergies. Consume lot of vegetables and fruits, as antioxidants and vitamins available in the fruits and vegetables promote antibodies, which in turn reduces inflammation and swellings. It also gives strength to your body which helps in fighting against diseases, stress and allergens.

Nose blowing: It is important to blow nose regularly instead of only relying on medication. People suffering from post nasal drip neglect to blow the nose, but rather they sniff the mucus back, which will trigger the problem. Blowing a nose will take out excess mucus from the nose which will in turn helps in reducing the cold viruses.

Maintain hydration: Hydrating body is very important which helps to loosen the mucus which will usually struck at the back of the throat. Once it is loosened, it will be easy to take the cough out of your body. It will also give relief from scratchy and itchy throat.

Inhale steam: Extreme temperatures in summer and winter can worsen the post nasal drip. So deep steam inhalation will keep the balance of moisturizer level of your nose. This is the cheapest and easiest way to keep you away from this problem. To take the steam inhalation boil the water in large pot, add sliced ginger and pinch of salt into it. Cover your head with towel and take the steam as much as you can. This will clear the nasal passage and reduce the content of mucus.

Ginger tea helps in reliving the congestion, so twice in a day sip ginger tea to get the required result.

Nasal irrigation procedure helps to clear the chronic sinusitis. To follow the procedure rinse the nasal passages with salt water. Proper care should be taken while rinsing your nasal passages, bend out to pour the salted water into your nose. Make sure that the water is not going inside your throat, as it may create problems. You can know complete procedure of nasal irrigation here.