Natural Remedies For Prostate Enlargement

The prostate gland is important and small walnut sized gland. It is just placed below the bladder in men and is very important part of male reproductive system. It is made up of two lobes  and is located just below the bladder in front of rectum. Enlargement of prostate is natural as man grows. It is also known as BPH. Men usually experience this enlargement at the age of forty five without any symptoms and by sixty all the men start experiencing urinary problem. Some natural herbs are very useful to get relief from this problem.

Basil : Make a mixture of basil juice with a little yogurt or honey to be taken once in a day to heal this ailment. It is always to be remembered not to eat or drink any thing for thirty minutes before and after this taking this mixture to get quick relief.

Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are very important to cure this disease. Pumpkin seeds are diuretic and contains zinc which reduces the size of prostate. Seeds can be eaten after removing shell or tea can be make to drink. For making tea crust some fresh pumpkin seeds and boil them in three cups of water and drink it after cooling and straining.

Saw palmetto: It is known as a wonderful herb to prevent and cure this disease. It is one the best treatments to improve prostate problem and stop frequent urination at night. It alters hormone level to reduce prostate. It can be used as capsules or in tincture form. Saw Palmetto based clinical trial have been done in Germany, France and U.S. which showed that this herb is very useful in reducing prostate. A prostate reducing formula using other herbs with Saw palmetto is very effective in reducing prostate:

1. Take one ounce tincture of Saw palmetto berries.
Half ounce tincture of each, sarsaparilla root, wild yam root, echinacea root, nettle root, pipsissewa or uva ursi leaves.
Combine the tinctures.

Take half a dropperful (half ml) three times a day. Noticeable relief will be noted within a few weeks.

Stinging Nettle: This herb helps men to urinate easily. It works as finasteride which reduces the growth of prostate. It can be taken as tea, capsule form or in tincture form. Make tea by boiling three to four tsp of dried powder in two cups of water and take this after cooling filtering. Dried leaf two to four gram can be taken three  times a day.

Hydrangea: This herb is a proven remedy  to treat enlarged prostate and urinary system. It will reduce the inflammation and swelling of the gland. It can be taken in capsules form twice in a day to cure this disease.

Vegetables and fruits: It is strongly advised to eat lots of vegetables and fruits to get relief from this problem.  Plenty of water should be taken and lots of nuts, seeds must be taken. Foods which contain soy should be taken to cure this ailment.