Natural Remedies For Scars

Scars (cicatrices) are represented by fibrous tissues that replace normal skin after injury or disease. Scars are formed on the skin in patches after cut, injury and acne. Scars can be cured easily but some permanent scars are difficult to treat. Some natural treatments are very effective to remove scar marks.

Onion Extract: Onion extract has got anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities to regulate the formation of collagen to heal scars. This extract is often found in most of the scar gels that are being sold in the market. It can reduce redness and elevation of scars. Onion extract should be applied and rubbed gently on the affected area to get relief within few days.

Honey: It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to stimulate the growth of new tissues. It can cure burns, wounds, skin ulcers and scars as well. Honey helps in regeneration of skin cells and make it normal. It may be applied twice in the day on the affected area.

Aloe Vera: It is really effective to treat all kinds of scars. The juice of it can be applied on the scars to cure the scars. It can help in reduction of dark marked tissues to get the scars vanished as well. It should be used twice or thrice in a day to get relief from this ailment.

Cucumber: Apply it on the affected area to have cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Cucumber can reduce and eliminate puffy scars and repeated application will help in curing the scars completely. Its juice can be applied onto the scars twice daily to get result and relief.

Indian Gooseberry: It is very useful to prevent the scars after the healing of wounds. It is a good source of vitamin C which is found in gel to heal this problem. It can be applied on the skin to get good result within few days. It should be consumed in raw form also to prevent this ailment.

Ice Cubes: These cubes should be rubbed on the face or affected area to help in soothing the skin. The chilled temperature of the cubes can make the scar invisible and reduce the swelling of the tissues. An ice cube must be rubbed on the scar for five minutes daily to heal it completely to get good results.

Olive Oil and Almond Oil: These oils should be rubbed onto the scars to eliminate scars completely within days. Rub these oils repeatedly on the affected area to make the scars to disappear. These oils can be applied twice or thrice in a day to cure and prevent it in  future also.

Sandalwood: Paste of sandalwood powder and  black gram is very effective to cure scar marks. Apply this paste on marks in the night and keep it overnight and wash in the morning with water. This is very effective home remedies for removing scars.