Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol or hyperlipidemia is a very risky disease because it leads a person towards heart problems and strokes. The patients of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems are in need to control cholesterol. To control it many medicines are prescribed by doctors and are readily available in market. But dependence on medicines only is very harmful for the natural working of the body.

There are many natural ways to lower cholesterol by herbs, that are easily available at home and can be used to lower down the cholesterol level of humans. But it is very much essential to consult the doctor too. To lower down cholesterol level, foods containing Pectin are very effective. Foods like carrot, beans, garlic, caraway, avocado, cayenne pepper, apple, and citrus rinds are successful in controlling cholesterol. The soup of high fiber beans also helps in reducing cholesterol. Take 150 grams beans and boil these in two cups of water. Add cayenne pepper and some salt in it. Consumption of this soup helps in lowering down approximately twenty percent of cholesterol.

Avocado is a well known herb for reducing cholesterol. Avocado diet with olive oil is helpful in controlling cholesterol levels. Garlic that is easily available in kitchen helps in lowering down cholesterol level too. It also helps in controlling blood pressure. Liberal use of garlic with same proportion of onion in cooking will keep you healthy.  You can also add caraway spice for increasing taste and aroma of your food. You can also consume garlic with milk. Boil a piece of garlic in a cup of milk and keep it on steep for 5 minutes and then add honey for taste. Drink it once a day to keep your heart in good shape.

Cinnamon tea with small piece of ginger and trikatu (two kinds of pepper) is very useful in reducing cholesterol. Boil cinnamon, trikatu and ginger in a cup of water, then keep the mixture on steep for five minutes and add honey instead of sugar in it. Drinking this cinnamon tea twice a day is good for health.

Artichoke leaves are also beneficial for controlling cholesterol. These enclose the compound called Cynarin and that is why these are also known as Cynara Scolymnus. Cynarin helps in lowering cholesterol level. By increasing bile production in liver it speeds up the flow of bile from gallbladder and increases cholesterol secretion. The best point of this process is that it has no side effects.

Soluble fiber can be found in oats, barley, peas, beans, apple, berries, carrot, Brussels sprout, broccoli etc. It helps in reducing cholesterol absorption in intestines. It keeps the functioning of heart healthy. About 5-8 percent of cholesterol level can be decreased by the intake of eight to ten gram of soluble fiber. Plant sterols are the natural source of these dietary supplements that are helpful in reducing cholesterol. They can be consumed with orange juice before half an hour of your meal.

By changing cooking oil, we also can reduce cholesterol levels. Palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable oil etc. are helpful in this regard. Today with awareness about herbal treatment, many people are shifting to use of herbs for controlling cholesterol.