Natural Wound Healing Remedies

A wounds is caused by cut or infection. The body starts to heal it automatically. The bleeding should be stopped instantly. The bacteria may develop to cause infection and it is to be cleaned out immediately. Medical treatment must be taken in case of severity of the wound. Pains, swelling around the wound, redness, discharge or pus, swollen glands are some of the many symptoms that can be reason of worries to heal the wound instantly. Some natural or herbal remedies are very effective to cure wound.

Ice treatment: Put some ice on wound, not more than for 20 minutes at a time, before applying the ice wrap it on a clean towel. Direct applying of ice on wound may cause ice burns or abrasions. Ice will help to stop bleeding thus helping to heal the wound. In case of severe wound contact your physician immediately.

Turmeric Powder: Turmeric powder is quite useful in healing the wounds. It has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Make a paste of turmeric powder with coconut oil to apply on wound. This process can be repeated daily to get relief from this problem.

Banana Leaves: Ripe banana leaves may be tied on the wound to stop any discharge of pus which can be oozing out of it. Fresh leaves may be repeated daily to cure this pus ailment. This treatment is without any side effects and it can be used to heal the wound quickly.

Garlic cloves: Garlic is very effective treatment to stop bacteria to develop. A paste of garlic cloves may be prepared to apply on the wound to prevent it from becoming septic. Garlic contains antimicrobial like allicin which can speed up the healing of the wound. This can be kept for more than fifteen minutes to be rinsed off later with cold water.

Aloe Vera : It is very potent for natural wound healing. It can reduce inflammation and can be applied on the wound to cure it. Its juice may also be taken to speed up the healing. Juice of it can be taken twice a day to cure the wound properly.

Honey : Honey contain some enzymes which help to heal wound.  It has antibacterial properties which helps to heal the wound. It can be put on the sterile bandage to apply on the wound to get healing quickly. This bandage may be changed every day to heal the wound quickly.

Vinegar: It can be mixed in water to clean the wound.  It kills the bacteria thus  helps the wound to heal. It may be painful but it must be tolerated to get relief.

Onion paste: Make a paste of onion and apply it on the wound. After one hour remove this paste and clean the wound with fresh water. Do not use this paste again. Use fresh paste next time to use. Keep on applying it on regularly in order to heal the wound and prevent infection.

Sugar: Sugar has antimicrobial and granulation-inducing properties to heal the wound. To stop the oozing of blood some sugar may be sprinkled on the wound to stop blood from oozing out. Its dressing should be changed daily while treating wound with sugar.