Neck Pain Relief Home Remedies

Neck pain is a common disorder and in today’s hectic world almost every individual is inflicting with this problem. Usually in case of neck pain upper back region and lower neck region get affected. This area bears our head weight and three neck joints are mainly responsible for the flexible movement of head and neck. Common causes for neck pain include long phone calls by bending head one side or without a headphone, improper sleeping positions and sleeping without pillows, sitting on the armchairs for long time with high armrests, improper sitting positions. Instead of taking aspirins or painkillers it is better to follow natural and home remedies.

Ice pack or wrap ice cubes around your neck with the help of thick towel. Ice pack usually helpful in case of injury, then it will help in reducing the swelling.

Heat: To soothe your neck pain alternate cold and hot therapies are the best solution to get rid of neck pain. Apply a cold compress around the neck and then again give hot pad application to the same area. Hot pads can also be replaced with warm shower.

Stretching exercises: Few exercises which can stretch your neck muscles can be done in case of neck pain. Stretching exercises not only reduces the existing neck pain, but also prevents from future neck aches.

Relaxation techniques: Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are the most useful and efficient home remedies for neck pain. These techniques helps in reducing tension and stress caused due to hectic lifestyle and also relaxes neck muscles.

Right postures: Basically improper sitting posture leads to severe neck pain. If your work makes you to sit for long time, then gives your back proper support which will help in reducing the pain.

Mild massage relaxes your muscles and gives temporary relief, which will help in getting peaceful sleep. Take a hot shower to loosen the neck muscles and then apply herbal oil or lotion on your neck. You can massage your neck for 10-15 minutes in day to get relief from neck pain.

Sleeping with pillows: Support your head with the help of pillows, so that your head will get proper position and you will have peaceful sleep.

Talking on phone: People usually crane their neck while taking on the phone. Long conversations with crane neck produces neck aches, so use of headphones is recommended while taking on the phone.

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