Pinworms Natural Treatment

A constant desire to scratch the anus is a common symptom of pin worm infection. Most of the time kids get suffer more than adults with this problem. Pinworms usually enter into our body through the fingernails, as the eggs may get picked up by the nails. Then they easily get transferred to the mouth and then into stomach where they produce more eggs and migrate to the rectum. Some of them show the symptoms of pinworms whereas some might not feel anything about it.

Normally the symptoms of pinworms are bed wetting, loss of appetite, nausea and irritability are commonly seen. Besides your doctor’s prescription, you can also try some more home remedies available for pinworms which can give quick relief. Here are the most efficient and effective natural remedies for your reference:

Maintaining a meticulous hygiene routine is the first and foremost important thing you need to do in case of pinworms. Trim nails on frequent basis and use anti-bacterial soap while washing your hands. Stress more on washing hands before and after every meal.

  • In case of anal itching, a warm bath will be more useful or else using warm water you can damp the anal area, which gives temporarily relief from itching.
  • Garlic is a highly effective and efficient home remedy while treating pinworms. Consume garlic on daily basis or make it part of your routine diet which helps in eliminating the problem. Even mixture of vaseline and garlic paste, if applied on anal area, will helpful in treating pinworms.
  • Consume lot of fibrous food, take at least four to five vegetables and grain servings in a day, it will help in getting rid out of this problem.
  • Carrot also works an effective natural agent while treating pinworms. Grate one or two carrots and consume it every morning. It will help in pinworms as well as all types of threadworms.
  • Consume fresh grated coconut every morning along with your breakfast and then after three hours take a dose of castor oil. Follow the same procedure till the problem gets cured.
  • Fruits also play an important role while treating pinworms. Especially you can include papaya, water melon and pumpkin in your diet which in turns cures pinworms.
  • Soak six to seven lupine seeds in lukewarm water, keep it for one hour, strain it and drink it to get the required result. Although this remedy shows its result with a low pace but it is an effective home remedy.
  • Mix the extract of grapefruit seeds and pumpkin seeds with honey and use for treating pinworms.

You can prepare an ointment at home by using petroleum jelly and garlic paste. Apply this paste in the anal area of kids to prevent itching and kill the eggs.