Social Anxiety Disorder Herbal Remedies

Social anxiety disorder can be called a condition when a person becomes excessively wary of public inquiry and fears that everybody out there is ready to humiliate him. This condition is also known as social phobia. The fear of society is so great that people suffering from this disorder tend to withdraw themselves from society completely.

This disorder can be particular- for example a person may fear that other people will ridicule him for his particular eating style. On the other hand it can assume a general form and a person may fear scorn whenever other people are around him. Other symptoms include excessive sweating, blushing, trembling and nausea.

There are various herbal remedies that can be helpful in such cases. But a word of caution here. Before I divulge the herbal treatment, you should make it sure that you don’t stop your regular medicine abruptly and always consult your physician before embarking on the herbal way. It’s because this disorder is related to mind and one should not take any kind of unwarranted risk.

The first herbal medicine worth mentioning is ‘St. John’s Wort’. This herb is especially good for patients who are doubly under attack- both by anxiety and depression. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the brain gain composure under all circumstances. However, it should not be taken with medicines like Prozac, Zoloft, Praxil etc.

It is because if you take this herb when you have taken any kind of conventional medicine in the last one-month, the Serotonin levels increase to a great extent in your body. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter and its overproduction can not only lift depression but also can lead to soft forms of mania.

Another important herb in this regard is ‘Gotu Kola’. Our brain has an area that is typically connected with the ‘free floating’ type of anxiety. In this condition, even a loud noise can make you extremely frightened and you may want to run far away from the place. With the administration of this herb, such noises don’t trouble you much and they only remain ‘slightly disturbing’. There are no adverse side effects like changes in blood pressure etc. It is however, not suitable for pregnant women.

Next, herbal remedy is ‘Kava’. It is very famous in a South-Pacific island called Tahiti. People there use it in the same way as people normally use alcohol to relieve anxiety, tension etc. An added advantage with this herb is that you don’t get hangovers, as is the case with alcohol. The only thing is that it is be a little difficult to leave bed because of its effect. But once you do so, you remain refreshed and positive for a considerable period of time. This remedy is prescribed for treating anxiety disorders and phobias by physicians the world over. They set different concentrations and proportions for it.