Stomach Flu Home Remedies

Stomach flu is nothing but which makes you queasy and sneaks you up and also make to switch from bedroom to bathroom very frequently. Everybody  has experience of stomach problems in the lifetime. This type of infection causes due to virus rather than bacteria. The best medicine would be taking enough rest and consuming lot of fluids to maintain body hydration. Few natural home remedies are available which cure the infection and give relief. Although these home remedies will increase your recovery span but surely give you better feeling. Following home remedies help in treating stomach flu.

Lemon juice helps in killing the pathogens which causes diarrhea. Dab one slice of lemon juice in twelve to sixteen ounce of water, add this mixture with herbal and tea and drink. You can consume it before half an hour, every meal almost two table spoon to prevent stomach flu.

Mint has anti-microbial properties and sedative properties which help in releasing gas and bloats. All types of mint help in stomach ailments. You can prepare tea using mint and take it like dosage for better digestion.

Bananas help in treating diarrhea a lot. It will help in providing potassium, magnesium and mainly it provides those critical electrolysis which body has lost due to diarrhea. Without these minerals even heart can fail entirely or can go into arrhythmia.

Rice water is the most efficient and effective home remedy used in treating stomach flu. Cook half tumbler rice into full pan water, allow it boil till the rice flakes gets soft, strain out the flakes and take out the water. When the water comes to the normal temperature consume it every one hour about a small cup. To make this rice water tastier, you can add cinnamon or honey and these ingredients also helps in healing. Ginger and mint can also be added to get rid from nausea.

Salt: Stomach flu also takes away the sodium from body, so soups and broths help in rebuilding minerals and sodium loss caused during stomach flu. If you are not willing to take soups and broths, then you can just add pinch of salt in your tea or juice.

Crackers or dry toast are the most recommended for nausea, they absorb the liquids and acids from the stomach and gives healing effect.

Garlic is a preventive which stave off the flu, but due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it helps in treating stomach flu. Chop the fresh garlic and mix it with honey, its consumption will help in soothing stomach lining and calms harshness and cramping.

Turmeric: Only small quantity, just 1/4th tablespoon, can be used along with juice or rice water to get the antibacterial boost.

Blueberries are used to treat diarrhea, as it is a natural bacteria inhibitor and it is high in fiber. It helps in maintaining the water content and its antioxidant properties also help body to recover.

Yogurt is rich source of bacteria which helps in digestive recovery. Mix yogurt with applesauce, honey, blueberries, bananas and prepare a wonderful smoothie.

Caraway tea is wonderful natural remedy used to treat stomach flu. Take one cup of boiling water and add one spoon caraway seeds into it. Cover the cup and set it aside for around ten minutes. Drain the mixture and drink it to get the relief from nausea.

Include lot of fruits in your diet especially apple will be more useful in treating stomach flu. Avoid spicy food from your diet, otherwise this may increase the severity of stomach problems.