Stop Alcohol Addiction Naturally

Alcohol addiction is a very common problem of our society especially in the case of males. Alcohol has becomes a symbol of social status. In business community, use of alcohol is considered essential for getting good business deals. Everyone has his own reason for drinking alcohol. Some drink it to celebrate and some drink it to forget miseries and depression.

Consumption of alcohol in limited quantity is not a problem but if the person starts consuming alcohol in large quantities it tend to deteriorate the general health of a person. Anxiety, loose temper, hypertension, stomach and digestion related problems; visual and auditory hallucinations, kidney and heart problems are the major ill effects of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction can impede vital life activities. Mostly drunkards show their helplessness in reducing the intake of alcohol. These days it is not difficult to get rid of alcohol addiction. By using natural methods we can shed this bad habit. It is a fact that by incorporating herbs, exercise, yoga, vitamins and supplements alcohol addiction can be reduced and even eliminated.

There are many herbs around the world that can be used as medicine to cure this problem. Herbs like thyme tops, Russian dock root, valerian rootstock, and trifid bur-marigold tops are good for treatment of alcohol addiction.

  • Mix one boiled glass of water with one tablespoon of the mixture of all these herbs in proportionate manner and again add one more glass of water in it and keep it for three or four hours. Consume half glass of this mixture at a regular interval of four hours and it will help you get rid of alcohol.
  • Mixture of three parts of thyme root, two parts of wormwood tops and two parts of knotgrass tops with boiled water also proves to be helpful.

Acorus is a herb that has alcohol detox stimulates that directly affect the brain and a person automatically develops  detestation for alcohol. With the use of this herb you don’t even desire to taste it once. You will feel nausea from the smell of alcohol. It can also be used to prevent the use of heavy drugs like cocaine and heroin. The use of 5-10 drops of golden root twice a day is also good for alcohol de-addiction.

Kudzu herb is a natural medicine for curing dependence on alcohol. It strengthens the ability of liver to eliminate toxins from the systems of body. This herb has benefitted many patients without any side effects. Aloe Vera has also been used to prevent alcoholism for a long time. By strengthening liver functioning, it prevents liver damage and cirrhosis.

Reishi is a Chinese herb that is also used by many practitioners to cure alcoholism. It cures fatty liver and is a great herbal medicine to treat alcoholism. Passion Flower is also helpful in de- addiction of alcohol. This herb eliminates vomiting and the symptoms of nausea in patients that are under treatment.

Moreover, yoga and light physical exercise are very helpful in the de-addiction process. Meditation also helps to avoid the urge for addiction and make the person’s determination successful to keep away from alcohol. It helps in disciplining a person and relaxes mind and body.