Home Remedies For Sprain

Sprain is a very painful injury, in which tissues in the region of the injured area have been torn. It is not a fracture. It is a stretch in the ligaments that join two or more bones. It can happen because of some accident, over exertion of joints, walking on rough ground, wearing high heals shoes, over stretching, lifting heavy objects, forceful blow, sudden twist or sudden downfall on an outstretched arm.

Sprain is different from strain and fracture. In strain, pain is not as bad as in sprain. In case of sprain, affected area gets blue or black and swollen. It takes a long time to cure it but this is not the case with strain. A small child can tell about strain to his near ones, but the pain of sprain is so severe that he can’t even tell anyone regarding it.

By adopting herbal remedies, you can cure sprain at home also. The first step you should do to treat sprain injury is to give first aid to the patient. Apply ice on the affected area for 15-20 minutes and give rest to patient. Sprain affected area of the body should be placed on some soft and high place for preventing swelling. Pillow is the best thing that you can put under the affected area to keep it elevated. You can also do bandage to avoid any serious injury in joints. Use elastic bandage for doing so. Also, do not tie the affected area tightly.

In home remedies for ankle sprain, back sprain or neck sprain, Hyssop herb is magical in curing sprain. Hyssop paste is helpful in providing instant relief. For making paste of hyssop herb, you should boil this herb in water for 10 minutes and then steep it for 2-3 hours. Apply this paste on the affected area for quick relief.

Massage on the affected area with clove oil is very useful in this case. Clove is the best herb for treating swelling and inflammation. Apply clove oil very gently on the affected area. Right procedure should be adopted in doing massage.

Ginger is also a very useful kitchen ingredient for treating sprain as it acts as a pain killer. You can rub ginger powder on the affected area by making its paste by adding water in it. You can also use pure ghee for making its paste.

Licorice herb is a very popular herb in the field of ayurveda and among herbal scientists for treating sprain. Its paste is very useful in reducing inflammation and pain. For making its paste, dip tender roots of Licorice herb at night in water and apply the paste in the morning for relief.

Turmeric also comes in handy for treating all type of wounds and pains including sprain. Its milk helps in healing injuries internally. It is very easy to make turmeric milk. For this, fry one tea spoon of turmeric in pure ghee and add some mashed almonds in it. Then add one and a half cup of milk in it. Boil this material for 3-5 minutes till one cup milk remains in the pan. Give this milk to the patient. Hot turmeric milk is very useful in treating sprain. You can also use turmeric externally. For this, apply turmeric paste on the affected area. While making turmeric paste, add lime juice and some salt in it for better results.

Get Rid Of Back Pain With Herbal Remedies

Backache, which is also known as lumbago, is a very common problem faced by almost everyone at many times in life. Some pain or uneasiness in the lower back area is called backache. It is not a serious problem but if we ignore the causes of the problem it can interfere with our work, daily routine and even our recreation. Many people spend huge sum of money to get rid of this backache. If we improve our sitting posture, eating and work habits and take some rest after heavy work, we can prevent this problem. If you are facing this problem already, you can get quick relief from backache with natural herb care methods.

The main reason of back pain is our busy and tensed schedule. By adopting natural herbs, effective and pleasant consequences can be visualized at less cost. Herbs have multiple effects. Medical herbalist use typical herbs like Willow bark, Cramp bark, St. Johns Wort and Valerian for making paste that is used to relive back pain. Many herbal oils are now available in market for massaging the pain-ridden area. A good massage in a circulative way can do magic within minutes.

Hot Peppers has been used numerous times in folk medicine in the shape of cream and plaster. Herbalists use Cayenne pepper, which is also known as red pepper, usually in their pain reliving creams. It includes Capsaicin, a strong palliative chemical that activates pain-killing endorphins. By rubbing the red pepper paste gently on the area of pain helps you get rid from back pain. Red pepper activates the pain relieving endorphins in the body. You can make a mixture of red pepper by mixing it in some skin cream to reduce its irritation.

Cramp bark and Black haw that are also known as Viburnum Opulus and Viburnum prunifolium respectively have been used in India and America to make medicine for relieving back pain since ancient times. These plants contain pain-relieving compounds like Esouletin and Scopoletin. Take equal mixture of cramp bark and black haw tinctures three days on regular interval of 3-4 hours for relief.

Ginger can also be used for quick relief. It has approximately 12 different anti-inflammatory compounds that cure pain. Take a piece of ginger, cut it into small pieces and then boil these pieces. After one boil simmer it on low heat for 30 minutes. Drink it with some honey to get good taste and quick relief.

Willow bark includes Salicin and many anti-inflammatory compounds that are helpful in reliving back pain. This herb was used by Greek herbalists even 2400 years ago. Many herbalists use mixture of menthol and camphor. Menthol and camphor constitute some chemicals that can help in easing the muscles.

Drinking Rosemary tea is also a good therapy.  Its leaves contain Camosol, Oleanolic acid, Rosmarinicacid and Ursolic acid in them. All these are anti-inflammatory elements. To make this tea you should put the leaves into 1-quart canning jar with boiling water and cover this jar tightly for 30 minutes. Drink a cup of this rosemary tea before sleep and one cup in the morning empty stomach for relief.