Home Remedies For Cystic Acne

Cystic acne can be a real botheration especially if they persist for a longer period of time. It’s human nature that we like to meet and interact with pleasing persons The scars that result can be much more than mere botheration and can mar your personal as well as professional prospects. What should be done? One recourse is to expose yourself to heavy doses of antibiotics together with all their side effects. The other one is to switch over to common home remedies that don’t have side effects and are good for the pocket too.

Every home uses oranges and grapefruits. So what are you thinking? Just draw off juice from an orange or a grapefruit and apply the pulp on the affected skin. The salicylic acid present in them can provide greater relief than many over-the-counter medicines. You can also prepare a paste of neem, turmeric and sandalwood and apply it directly on the spots. All these three ingredients are famous for their anti-bacterial action and are extremely helpful for exterminating bacteria present in the pores of acne. Aloe Vera is helpful for easing the itch and for cleaning the skin, especially when the acne attack is not severe.

Another ‘sweet’ home remedy is a combination of honey and aspirin in the form of paste. Just crush a tablet on some quantity of honey, mix some water and stir to form a paste. Apply this paste on the skin, wait until it has dried and then wash it off. After that dry your face and apply some honey on the skin. The aspirin will take care of dead skin where as honey will counter the bacteria.

Take a pureed mango, add a little amount of water and lemon juice and apply the mixture on the skin. Wash it away after some time. You will get a refreshing and healthy feeling in addition to the medicinal effects. You can also try egg white for this purpose. While doing so you should take care that you do not squeeze your acne, other wise infection can spread all the more and permanent scars may set in. The itching feeling would compel you to do so but you should resist this tendency with strong determination. Avoid using cosmetics that have an oily base as it can aggravate the production of bacteria.

A mixture of baking soda and salt with a little water is also a very effective home remedy. But this mixture should not be applied more than 2-3 times in a week. The common tomato also comes in handy for such a purpose. Just take a ripe tomato and remove its pulp. Keep the remaining portion on the affected area for about 1 hour and you are sure to get relief from the itch and inflammation.

So, you see that certain very simple and cost-effective methods can prove a boon for you provided you follow whatever has been enumerated above with consistency and common sense.