Health Benefits Of Radish

Radish (Sativus) is well known all around the world as a part of salad. Radish is a juicy vegetable and its taste is sweet and hot also. It is very crispy in eating, so people love to eat radish in the raw form in salad. Some people also cook it as a dish. In this dish people add its leaves also. Radish is available in many colours like white, red, pink, purple and black. It is available in two shapes – cylindrical and round.

It belongs to the Barssicaceae family. In some parts of the world radish is also known as Daiken. It is believed that radish has been cultivated in southern Asia and Egypt since 2780 BC. In the beginning, its colour was black and later on white radish was grown in the fields.

Radish was an admired vegetable in ancient Greece. Herbalists of that time advised to eat radish for lowering the impact of alcohol. Radish is a good source of Vitamin C, energy and carbohydrates. It also contains dietary fiber, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium, vitamin B1, iron, magnesium etc.

It belongs to the family of brassica group and is good for the prevention of cancer of lungs and alimentary tract. It puts a stop on the configuration of carcinogens in the body and blocks cancer causing elements from responding with responsive body tissues. It contains isothiocyanates in it, which are useful in preventing cancer.

There are many health benefits of white radish or daikon radish. It is also used to treat patients of jaundice. Its leaves are very useful in this regard. Radish puts a check on the destruction of red blood cells in patients affected with jaundice. Radish acts as a blood purifier. By purifying blood it provides oxygen to blood cells for better health. It is also good for the health of liver.

Radish is also beneficial in urinary disorders. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing inflammation in the urinary tract. It also prevents kidney infections. By the cleansing of kidneys, radish removes toxic elements from the blood. It is also advised for the patients of constipation.

As radish contains a lot of water in it, it is good for those who want to lose their body weight. Radish fills your tummy without giving you calories. It is very good for those who are on dieting. Radish is full of nutrients so it is advised to eat radish daily. But avoid eating it at night because it can cause acidity.

Radish is also good for the health of skin. It is a great source of Vitamin C & B, zinc and phosphorous. These nutrients are good for skin health. It is used by beauticians as an ingredient of face packs also. Mashed raw radish is also used as a body cleanser. You can also apply its juice on rashes and minor cracks.  Its juice is also good for treating insect bites and bee stings.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamom (Elletaria Cardamomum) is commonly known as Choti Elaichi in India. Its light green color gives it an attractive look. It enhances appetite and is also useful in treating acidity. It is native of India and the Middle East. It is a very common herb used in Indian food to add fragrance and flavor in dishes. Cardamom is known as Ela in ayurveda. Ela is very effective in treating ailments related with stomach, skin and heart. Consumption of cardamom tea is very beneficial if you are suffering from stomach cramps or gastric problems.

Due to its detoxifying properties cardamom is useful for cleansing of body. It also improves circulation of blood and ensures proper blood supply to lungs. In this way this small herb helps in dealing with asthma. Ela is helpful in removing respiratory allergies and is also useful in treating cold and cough. A cup of Ela tea helps in reliving them.
If you are a patient of acidity, you are suggested to drink cardamom tea 2-3 times a day for relief. This tea also increases appetite. Small seeds of cardamom are beneficial in treating mouth ulcer and in ayurveda cardamom is described as a medicine for treating infections of urinary tract also.

Cardamom oil is used by herbalists for massage as it is good for backache. This massage is helpful in curing swelling and joint pains. It gives strength to mind and relieves mental stress. Cardamom oil can also be consumed by adding it in dishes. It improves digestion and enhances metabolism. Cardamom milk is a very tasty and healthy drink that can be consumed in summers. You can drink cardamom milk by adding some ice and sugar in it for taste. It gives energy and freshness to mind and body. It is also helpful in killing depression. It is also good for those who want to keep their mouth fresh.

Cardamom is also beneficial in treating gonorrhea, cystitis and nephritis. It is a very versatile spice herb and is easily available in the market though it is costly. Some herbalists claim that cardamom is also effective in treating sexual dysfunctions like impotency and immature ejaculation. One pinch of cardamom powder is effective in controlling queasiness and nausea.

Cardamom works as a good appetizer due to its sweet and aromatic qualities. By adding one pinch of its powder you can add extra taste in your pudding and sweet dishes. You will surely feel fresh by consuming cardamom powder.  Cardamom works as a blood puffier also as it is helpful in removing pollutants from your body. You are advised to drink cardamom tea or eat a pinch of cardamom powder to improve blood circulation.

Antispasmodic properties of black cardamom give relief from body pains.  Though cardamom is a very safe herb, it is advised that pregnant woman should avoid its regular use.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd (Momordica Charantia) is also known as bitter melon, balsam pear, balsam apple, and melega saga. Chinese know it as bitter gourd. In India and Nepal it is famous as karela. It has many different names in different languages but everywhere it is used as food because of its medicinal values. It belongs to cucurbitaceae family and is a native of Asia, Africa and Caribbean area. Its color attracts everyone towards it but its taste is so bitter that very few like to eat it.

Nevertheless, it has many medicinal qualities that make it the first choice of herbalists. Bitter gourd is beneficial in treating the patients of diabetes, indigestion, heartburn, ulcer, constipation, cancer, measles, fever and many more. Bitter gourd is available in the market in many shapes and colors. It is an active blood-purifying agent that purifies blood tissues and improves digestion also.

It contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, and Vitamin C. Bitter gourd is also a good source of iron, copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. It contains momordin, momordicin, momorcharin and charantin ribosome in it. It is helpful in curing heartburn and stomach ulcer. It is a wonder fruit as it has been used by herbalists to treat patients of malaria from a long time. Leaves of bitter gourd are very effective for this purpose. The dish of boiled bitter gourd is also useful in preventing malaria. You can also fry boiled bitter gourd a little bit for taste.

This fruit is also effective in preventing many viral diseases like chickenpox, measles, cough and cold etc. According to a recent study bitter gourd is even effective in preventing HIV infection. Momordicin component of bitter gourd is helpful in fighting against these infections. Now, a soft drink of bitter gourd is also available in the market. If you can drink juice of bitter gourd, it will surely help you fight against all types of infections. It improves functioning of immune cells and is thus good for treating patients of cancer.

The most popular and guaranteed use of bitter gourd is in fighting against diabetes. Bitter gourd enhances insulin sensitivity. It contains lectin and due to this component, it is helpful in lowering down blood glucose concentration. It acts on peripheral tissues and mind also and by this action it suppresses desire for food. As it is helpful in suppressing appetite, bitter gourd is also effective for those who want to lower down their body weight. If you don’t like its taste, you can consume it in the shape of tablets and capsules.

Bitter gourd is also effective in treating fever, burns and cuts, menstruation problems and skin problems. It is advised to eat bitter gourd regularly to keep your body fit and to keep your immune system in action. It is not necessary that only patients of above-mentioned ailments should eat bitter gourd. It is good for all but pregnant ladies are advised not to eat it in excess.

Good Fruits For Skin Health

Nature has given us a large number of products which are beneficial for our health, skin and healthy living. A number of fruits are available in the markets which help to provide glow to our skin and make us look beautiful. Different fruits have different effect on our skin. Here are some natural aids for the skin available in your fridge and garden:

Apple juice has been used for centuries as a skin care product. It helps smoothening out wrinkles and heals itching and inflammation. Apple juice is a very good conditioner and toner. If a small quantity is added to bath water and body is soaked in this water for some time, the skin will emerge cleaner and softer. If after using shampoo on your hair it is rinsed with apple juice and it is allowed to remain for some time in the hair, it will give added shine and your scalp will be free from dandruff

Fresh apricot juice is good for treatment of sun burns, itching and eczema.

Banana is an excellent face mask. Banana mask, when applied on the face for about thirty minutes, help to eradicate acne and blemishes. It will moisturise your facial skin.

Cucumber can be used in a number of ways for facial skin care. It helps remove blackheads and prevent dryness. Cucumber juice is an effective remedy for pimples.Guava and mango leaves, when boiled in water, make an excellent antiseptic solution for application on skin rashes. In case of oily skin, cucumber and tomato juice can be used to reduce oil and make the skin look normal and glowing.

Lemon is another natural produce which is very useful to our skin. A few drops of lemon juice added to water for rinsing of hair will make it look shiny and prevent dandruff. A slice of lemon can be rubbed on elbows or heels to make the skin soft and smooth. A small quantity of lemon juice, if added to bath water, will make you feel fresh the whole day. Similarly lime juice is a natural aid for beautiful skin. Lime juice, when taken with cold water, refreshes and makes your skin glow. Orange juice helps prevent pimples and acne.

Papaya has very good skin care properties. It is used to remove white heads. Papain enzyme present in abundance in papaya pulp. This enzyme whitens the skin.

Pineapple pulp can be used to clean and rejuvenate the skin. In case your skin is dry, apple or carrot pulp can help moisturise dry skin.

In case you have normal skin, avocado will help to increase glow and prevent effects of sunlight.

What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric?

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is a rhizomatous herbaceous plant of the family of Ginger. In India turmeric is well known as Haldi or Haridra. It is the most important ingredient of the Indian cuisine. It gives a beautiful yellow color to food items. Turmeric is also known as Indian Saffron. Turmeric is the native plant of tropical South Asia. Due to its amazing healing capacity, herbalists have been using turmeric to cure damaged skin since ancient times.

According to them, Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, depression, liver problems and even many types of cancer can be treated with it to variable extent. Turmeric is also effective in treating patients of weak stomach, poor digestion and dyspepsia. In case of internal injuries, herbalists suggest drinking hot Milk by adding turmeric in it for quick relief from pain. You can use turmeric leaves for medicinal use as a paste, as juice or by adding it in your cooking ingredients.

In some areas of south India, people use turmeric to dye clothes but it is a poor form of dye. Some people use turmeric as an alternative to Saffron because saffron is very expensive and turmeric is in the reach of common man. Curcumin is an active ingredient of turmeric, which gives it a bitter taste. Turmeric is bitter to some extent, a little hot peppery and markedly earthy. The leaves of turmeric can be used fresh or you can preserve them after boiling the leaves. For this you can dry the boiled leaves in sun or in hot oven.

Though turmeric is the native of southern Asia, India is its largest producer in the world. Erode also called Yellow City is the center of production of high quality turmeric. It lies in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Erode is also known as Turmeric city. In Tamil language turmeric is known as Manjal. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, turmeric is beneficial for treating different kinds of diseases ranging from minor cuts and burns to deadly diseases like cancer and Alzheimer.

Turmeric is also effective in preventing diverse types of cancers. Prostate cancer that only targets men can also be prevented by the use of turmeric along with cauliflower. By using turmeric with cauliflower one can also stop the growth of existing prostate cancer. It is also used by herbalists to cure breast cancer. It is also beneficial for treating leukemia that affects children.

Turmeric also puts a stop to the progression of Alzheimer disease and eliminates amyloidal plaque increase in the brain. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it beneficial for the patients of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis without danger of any side effects. It is also suggested to parents that turmeric milk should be given to children during exam days for sharpening their memory. Turmeric also helps children in shedding away depression. You can also add some dipped almonds in turmeric milk. Turmeric also acts as a liver detoxifier. It helps in controlling the weight of the body and keeps it in right proportion.

Turmeric is the best beauty paste for skin. It gives a shiny look to skin. You can use turmeric with chickpea flour (Basin) to clean your body. It also helps in curing itching and psoriasis.

Gotu Kola Health Benefits

Herbs are the best gifts of god to human beings. Herbs provide us the ability for fighting against even the deadliest of diseases. It’s a fact that as we have distanced ourselves from nature, the instances of diseases have increased in us. Different kinds of pollution (water, soil, air, adulteration etc.) have further compounded the problem. Gotu Kola is one such herb, which is extremely useful for human beings in fighting the maladies of modern age.

Herbalists use this herb to treat diarrhea, mental fatigue, stomach and throat related problems. It is also useful in clearing congestion and giving relief from cold and cough. It is also helpful in treating respiratory problems and infections. Ailments like hepatitis, syphilis, stomach ulcer, epilepsy, fever and infection in upper respiratory tract can be treated by the use of gotu kola.

Herbalist of ancient period used it to even treat the patients of Snakebite, fractures, sprains and herpes. Gotu kola is also very useful for treating eye infections, inflammation, asthma, liver diseases, high blood pressure, dysentery and psoriasis. Some even use it to treat leprosy patients. It was also a view that women used gotu kola to control child birth. With the passage of time, the use of gotu kola herb increased enormously because of its plentiful health benefits. As per a new research, you can also cure the arthritis of spine and rheumatoid arthritis by using gotu kola.

Herbalists also suggest developing the habit of using gotu kola for a sharp memory. It even reduces stress and increase your intelligence. It has shown excellent results in restorative panic attacks. The Saponins (Triter-penoids) compound of gotu kola helps in relaxing the nervous system and lessens the problem of incredulous and dumbfound responses. The healing capacity of gotu kola herb is also very significant. By applying its paste, wounds and burns can be healed quickly. Many commercial companies use gotu kola in their ointments. According to a research done on rats and mice, this herb is effective in slowing down the growth of tumors and helpful in increasing the span of life.

The paste of gotu kola herb is useful for treating skin problems also. It gives healthy and shiny look to your skin. It is readily available in the market in various forms. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is used for treating itching and minor skin problems. It also gives strength to the connective tissues.

The TTFCA (triterpenic fraction of centella asiatica) compound of gotu kola is helpful in treating people who suffer from poor blood flow, particularly in legs. The oral intake of TTFCA helps in lessening the swelling of legs and feet that is a result of poor blood supply. TTFCA compound is also helpful in healing the wounds quickly. Fresh juice of the leaves of this herb is useful for purifying blood and is also helpful in treating Alzheimer disease. It is also useful in curing the patients of Hyper-tension.

Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Asparagus

Asparagus plant (Asparagus Offcinalis) is a vegetable of Lily family found in Eastern Mediterranean areas, Egypt and some parts of Africa. This vegetable can grow to a height of 7 inches in a day and is the rich source of Vitamin A, C, E, fiber and Iron. The literal meaning of this noble vegetable in Greek language is Sprout and Sparrow. Due to its fine texture, the king of Greece, Augustus and king of France Louis XIV adored this vegetable plant greatly. Till the 18th century, this vegetable was prohibited for the commons by the emperors of Greece, Rome, Egypt and France. This vegetable was cultivated exclusively for the nobles. It gives a particular smell to urine. It was known as “Food of the Kings”.

The herbalists of Greece, Rome, Egypt and France have been using Asparagus plant for medicinal purposes for about 2000 years. This vegetable plant was used to treat the patients suffering from digestive problems, throat related problems, problems related to the passage of urine, uric acid, bee sting, toothache etc. Basically this vegetable is a summer vegetable and springtime is the ideal time to eat Asparagus. Today’s world is a very health conscious world. People eat this vegetable raw, as a part of Salad, by making juice of it or by cooking it. Due to its multi-nutrient value, and presence of Vitamin and Minerals, people of every country use Asparagus. In ancient times people celebrated gathering of wild asparagus during spring time.

Asparagus is helpful in treating the problems of urinary track. Aspatic acid of asparagus is the most common form of amino acid. It is for treating uric acid problem and for clearing the obstructions in urine area. Asparagus is also beneficial for kidneys, adrenal glands and gall bladder. The intake of asparagus juice facilitates the removal of kidney stones. It is also suggested to pregnant women for normal delivery.

Asparagus is good for the health of heart too. The juice of asparagus is the best filter for removing impurities from blood. It also improves the circulation of blood to heart.  It is a good source of Fibers that are helpful in treating the problem of constipation. It also gives health to liver. Folic acid of asparagus is good for pregnant women as it helps lessen birth defects.

Due to its anti-cancer, anti-oxidant properties, National Cancer Institute suggested to increase the intake of asparagus for fighting cancer. The green, white and purple spikes of asparagus are good for the patients of cancer. Glutathione present in this vegetable protects the cell membranes and DNA from toxic compounds and helps in the recycling of Vitamin C and E.

Asparagus is also good for the health of eyes. Asparagus is a rich source of Iron and herbalists suggest it to the patients of anemia. It is also good for the health of bones and skin. Vitamin B, Zinc, Copper and potassium of asparagus make this vegetable beneficial for the people of all ages.

Health Benefits Of Brahmi Herb

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri or Indian Pennywort) is a well-known herb for enhancing memory and for increasing the activeness of mind. It is a small perennial herb of 2-3 feet length. In the month of May, June and July, Brahmi plants look very beautiful because in these months this herb is in full bloom. Brahmi bears fruits that are used to make brain tonic. Herbalists use every part of brahmi to treat brain related problems. It gives energy to brain and body.

In ancient period, teachers used this herb as a brain tonic to make their students sharp minded so that they could learn and recall everything that was taught to them by their gurus. Due to its antioxidant properties, Brahmi not only increases the capacity of brain but also is helpful in lessening anxiety, tension, pressure and nervousness. Brahmi improves the functioning of brain cells. It is a brain booster that can be found in muddy areas and is the cheapest brain tonic that you can find everywhere in India.

Brahmi rejuvenates the brain cells and reduces negativity in humans. It trims down anxiety and pressure. Due to its light (laghu) properties it helps in curing nervous congestion. By relieving nerve cells, brahmi gives relief from nervous tension and trepidation. It gives the feeling of calmness. In exam day’s brahmi should be given to children as it increases concentration power too. It makes children sharp by improving learning power. It lessens the fatigue factor and endorses brightness in mind. For the patients of Insomnia, epilepsy, convulsion and mental disorders, brahmi herb is the gift of God. For better relief, brahmi should be used habitually. Every part of this plant is used including bark, leave, branches etc. Brahmi oil is manufactured for scalp massage to rejuvenate the skin and hair.

Brahmi is also effective for proper functioning of heart. Intake of Brahmi is good for the patients of hypertension. The hypotensive element in Brahmi helps in lowering blood pressure and maintaining the temperature of body at a normal level. Due to its antioxidant properties, brahmi also acts as a filter. It kills all the toxins present in blood and improves the functioning of kidney and liver also. It raises the level of sweating and throws out all the harmful toxins from body in the form of sweat.

Herbalists use Brahmi herb to control pain during menstrual period also. It is a herb that has properties to cure cold and cough as well. The best use of this herb is that it is good for keeping you young. It retards signs of ageing and gives you feeling of youthfulness.

Due to its properties of providing calmness, Brahmi is good for relaxing brain cells. People especially women use it for controlling hair fall and dandruff. Brahmi nourishes hair from the roots. Massage of brahmi oil gives soothing effect to brain and encourages the growth of hair. For better results brahmi is advised to be used with Shankhpushpi and Gotu Kola. These three are very helpful in improving learning, retention and long term memory.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ginger?

Everyone knows that ginger is an important ingredient in the Indian cuisine. Ginger tea and ginger soup have an important place in diet chart as they keep body fit. Herbalists use ginger for curing many stomach and throat related problems. Now, researches give us an idea about the anti-cancer properties of ginger. Ginger is also a good agent for purifying blood and is also good for heart. By persuading cell death in all ovarian cancer cells, ginger powder helps fight against cancer. Ginger is also effective in curing migraine problem.

If you get cold in this winter season- that is a very common problem- you don’t need to run for a doctor. Take a small piece of ginger and prepare ginger tea for you. Avoid milk in ginger tea. Use lemon instead of milk for better results. Don’t mix sugar in it. A teaspoon of honey will give you relief not only from cold but also from cough and itching in throat. Ginger, Lemon and Honey are good for smoothening throat. They are good agents for energizing your body in this cold whether. In hilly areas of India many people drink this tea twice a day for making their body fit to survive in extremely low temperatures. It is also good for curing running nose problem in any season.

Ginger is effective in preventing queasiness and nausea. If you have problem of nausea during travel, a small peace of ginger can make your journey happy. Many of us start vomiting when we travel in bus or in car. This problem becomes severe when we travel in hilly areas. At this moment of time, pills of ginger are good in relieving nausea. Ginger is also good in treating food poisoning.

Ginger juice is excellent in treating stomach related problems. Faulty food habits like drinking too much coffee or tea sometimes upset the stomach. For quick relief ginger soup or tea is effective. Ginger revitalizes the immune system and gives energy internally. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is an effective painkiller.

If you are suffering from pain in stomach or headache, ginger tea can help you get rid of it. According to a research, ginger is very much effective in curing pain in joints. In middle age, joint pain is very much natural but you can prevent this pain by eating ginger regularly. For better results Ginger should be taken with certain quantity of garlic. It is also good in minimizing migraine pain and inflammation.

Women have menstrual period every month from the teens to 45 to 50 years of age. Every month in the beginning of this period approximately 80 to 85 % women witness back ache, stomachache or pain in legs. These pains upset their day routine and women get easily irritated. For killing these pains, you just need to eat a little amount of ginger powder with every meal. It provides a natural cure to period blues.