Sinusitis Herbal Treatment

God has created our body in such a way that every organ has its own importance. Our nose is also an important part of our body. It integrates a complex system of thin passages and 8 hollow air containing spaces that facilitate you to inhale air and pass it to lungs. Eight hollow spaces, known as Paranasal Sinuses, work as echo chambers in the body as these hollows are filled only with air.

These hollow spaces are present in pairs behind eyebrows and nose, between eyes and in each cheekbone. Paranasal Sinuses work as a pad or pillow that gives you protection against attacks and shocks. This also works as a conditioner that inhales air for lungs. Sinusitis is normally a form of cold and infection but when bacteria enter the nasal passage or the hollow spaces, they cause sinusitis.

When this system gets irritated due to certain allergies, air pollution, smoke or infections like flu, cold, and temperature, it causes inflammation. Sometimes this inflammation is so high that it can cause swelling, rashes on nose, blockage and soreness.

Sinusitis is of two types: – 1st is chronic and 2nd is acute. Acute sinusitis’ attack remains for 8-10 days and can cause weakness and fever. The victim of sinusitis feels bone shattering sensation and also experiences severe pain in the head. In Chronic sinusitis, the victim feels headache but not often. In this category a patient witnesses unpleasant discharge, cough, excessive sneezing, blockage, congestion, pressure around head, eyes and face, and irritation in throat and ear.

Many medicines are available in market for treating sinusitis but these medicines can lead you to a sleeping mood and are not a permanent treatment of sinusitis. The herbal remedies for sinusitis are slow but it can help you get freedom from this disease for a long time.

Garlic and ginger are two kitchen ingredients that can help you in getting rid of sinusitis. Juice of 3-4 bulbs of fresh garlic with honey is highly effective in treating sinusitis. It is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial too. Intake of juice of garlic twice a day is very effective. Avoid eating anything after consuming this juice for 2-3 hours. Similarly, onion juice with honey is also useful.

Ginger is also useful in treating sinusitis. Ginger juice and ginger tea are especially effective in this regard. These remedies give a soothing effect and also help in removing congestion.

You can also trust black pepper powder as a medicine for sinusitis. Mix 5 grams of black pepper in one cup of hot milk. Regular intake of this milk will help you get rid of this ailment. Steam is also a good option for treating sinusitis. For having steam, boil garlic, tea tree oil, any vapor rub and pau d’arco. You can also add lavender oil and thyme and rosemary for better results.

When you are under constant attack of sinusitis, you should avoid fried and spicy food. Prefer drinking tap water or boiled water in place of refrigerated one.

Natural Remedies Helpful In Leprosy

Leprosy is also known as Hansen’s disease and resembles syphilis and tuberculosis. It is caused by mycobacterium leprae. Mycobacterium leprae attacks the body tissues. Leprosy grips human body when our body systems do not work in harmony with one another and with the elements of earth.  This is what traditional knowledge tells us about this disease.

When mycobacterium leprae attacks body tissues, very light and small red patches appear on the body. If these patches are painful, it is matter of serious concern. In an early stage, Mycobacterium leprae can be treated. If one witnesses any symptom of leprosy or any unusual mark on the body, he must consult a specialist. Doctors can diagnose leprosy by skin biopsy.

Patients of leprosy witnesses pain, headache, fever, nose bleed, broken bones, deformities, stiffness and dryness of skin, loss of fingers and toes, damage to eye, skin, and upper respiratory tract, and even nerve damage. The victim of Mycobacterium leprae feels low level of sensitivity to touch and heat. He also feels weakness of muscles, numbness in the hands, arms, legs and feet. Eyebrows and eyelashes of the victim also disappear gradually.

Leprosy is a harmful infectious disease. There is much advancement in medical science as regards treatment of this disease but by adopting herbal methods you can also prevent leprosy in a very natural way. Neem (Azadirachta Indica, Margosa) is very useful in treating leprosy. It has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is very effective in lessening the inflammation of tissues. Paste of Neem leaves is very effective for skin problems. Apply the paste on the affected area for relief. You can also use neem leaves in your bath water for freshness. Neem bath keeps you away from infectious bacteria.

Rhizomes herb is also very effective in treating leprosy. Juice and paste of Rhizomes helps in lessening inflammation in the joints. You can drink the juice of this herb for better relief. Paste can also be applied directly on the affected area for quick relief from inflammation.

Gota kola which is also known as Cantella Asiatica, Hydrocotyle is helpful in this regard. Gota kola tea is very effective for patients for getting relief from pain and fever. You can also apply the juice of gota kola herb on the affected area. For this boil some pieces of cloth and then rinse those pieces in gota kola juice. You can apply these pieces of cloth as bandage on the affected area. Gota kola herb is also available in market in powder and ointment form. You can even eat its powder with rice for relief.

Chalmoorga oil is also helpful in preventing leprosy. Make paste of chalmoorga oil with lemon juice and then apply this paste on the affected area. This mixture will surely help the patient to get rid from pains and inflammation. This mixture has a cooling effect also.

Leprosy is a disease that can cause you social shame and people due to fear of social stigma hide it from others. This is a major cause of the expansion of this disease. Please do not hesitate and approach a specialist or herbalist if you have doubt regarding leprosy. You can apply above mentioned therapies at home but do consult a trained herbalist beforehand.

Hay Fever Herbal Remedies

Hay fever is also known as pollinosis, seasonal allergic rhinitis and pollen allergy. It is basically an allergic condition. People with weak immune system are the easy victims of hay fever. It is a very much common fever in the USA. This allergic condition arises due to the response of immune system to inhalant substances. It can attack people of every age group and one can suffer from seasonal allergies from plants, certain flowers, animals, feathers and many ecological elements.

Sneezing, weepy eyes, coughing, runny nose, itchiness, irritation in eyes, nose, ear and throat, postnasal drip, fatigue, headache etc. are some of the symptoms of hay fever. What exactly is the cause of this fever, medical science is silent on it. Many researches show that weak immune system is the major cause of getting seasonal allergies called hay fever. Many herbal medicines are available for treating and preventing hay fever. As hay fever is caused due to weakness of immune system, herbalists suggest herbs like Echinacea, chamomile, ginger, garlic, stinging nettles, honey, St. John’s wort etc. for curing it. In Hay Fever herbal or natural remedies are also very effective.

The Echinacea herb is beneficial for our immune system. It contains flavonoids, oils, phenols and alkylamides in it that work as antibiotics. Echinacea herb is also a great source of Vitamins A, C and S, potassium, copper, iron and iodine. Intake of one cup of Echinacea daily during seasonal change can protect you from seasonal fevers like hay fever. It boosts up our immune system.

Stinging nettles are also beneficial in curing hay fever. They are a good source of Vitamin C, formic acid and chlorophyll. Vitamin C is good for the immune system and also works as an astringent. Stinging nettles are useful in treating running nose, irritation in eyes and itchiness.

Garlic that is a common ingredient in cooking and easily found in kitchens is very helpful in treating hay fever. You can eat garlic raw and can add garlic in your cooking dishes too. It is suggested that you eat two bulbs of garlic empty stomach to fight with hay fever. It can also protect you from high blood pressure.  Garlic pickle is also available in the market.

Chamomile herb is also good for treating this fever. Two cups of Chamomile tea are very effective in preventing hay fever. This herb is very gentle in nature and is also aromatic. You can grow Chamomile flowers to beautify your garden also.

You can use the juice of chamomile flower as eye drops to treat swollen or irritated eyes. You can also use chamomile herb (dried or fresh) for inhalation. For this boil chamomile in water and inhale the fumes of this water. It will help you get rid of sneezing, running nose and irritation in nose, ear and throat. Due to its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, chamomile is very effective in treating hay fever.

Natural Remedies For Chickenpox In Children

Chickenpox is a communicable disease, which affects children mostly in the age of 3-4 years. As chicken pox affects the immune system, special attention should be given to diet of your child so that it can build his immunity. A diet chart should be made to give proper attention and nutrients to such a patient. Parents should consult a physician before giving anything to their child because children are very sensitive.

Chicken pox in children is a common disease and many home remedies are there to cure it. Proper care of cleanliness and diet is much required. Oatmeal is beneficial in this disease. You can give your child a bath with oatmeal. For this, you should boil one cup of oatmeal in one liter of water for 10-15 minutes. After this, put this concoction in a cotton cloth and tie it strongly. Take cozy water in a tub and put this tightly tied bag containing the mixture in water. After some time when color of water changes, allow your child to play in this water. During this process you should keep vigil over your child.

You can also use black vinegar for bath if you don’t want to use oatmeal. Massage with vitamin E oil is also beneficial before bath. During massage one thing should be kept in mind that you should rub vitamin E oil very gently on the area where chicken pox is present. Sponging your child with baking soda water is also useful for relieving itching.

You can prepare oil with witch hazel, German chamomile, lavender, and tea tree. Mix all these in distilled water and sponge on the itchy or swollen area. People use Neem leaves to keep the room and body of such a patient clean. It is a traditional method to dip Neem leaves in a bucket over night and bathe your child with this water. Paste of neem leaves is also very effective in curing itching and inflammation. A bath with Neem leaves is beneficial for everyone in keeping diseases, particularly communicable diseases at an arm’s length.

When you are looking after a child affected with chicken pox, you must be extra cautious about his diet. In this disease immune system gets very weak so you should keep your child on a liquid diet for some days. Fruit and vegetable juices are the best for such patients. Lemon juice is very much beneficial. It gives energy and cooling effect. You can give semi- liquid diet like mashed banana, yogurt, avocados, porridge, etc after some improvement in your child. It is suggested that you change your child’s diet after consulting your doctor.

As vitamin A, C and E and Zinc are good for immune system, give your child a diet full of nutrition but with doctor’s consultation. Chicken pox is a serious illness because it affects children of very small age group. When you deal with this disease, you should be extremely careful.

Passion Flower Health Benefits

Passion flower is also known as passion vine or apricot vine. Its botanical name is Passiflora incarnata. The fruits of this flower are very tasty. This beautiful flower is loved by people and they grow it in their gardens because of its pleasant color. Passion flower is native to south and central America and West Indies. It  has edible and medicinal qualities. Due to its violet color flowers, missionaries of Spain gave this plant the name of passionflower as violet color flowers contained elements representational of the passion of Christ.

Its coronal threads are mark of the crown of needles that Jesus wore and the whirling tendrils signify the whip. 5 petals and 5 sepals of this flower symbolize the 10 true disciples. 3 stigmas signify the nails on the cross and its ovary fruit is the symbol of hammer.

Passion flower has many health benefits. It is helpful in treating anxiety, nervousness, insomnia,  restlessness, fatigue, memory failure, depression, lapse in concentration, headache, backache, irregular heart beat and many more ailments.

Passion flower can be used fresh or you can dry it for long term use. It can also be consumed in tea form. Capsules of this flower are also available in the market. For better result, herbalists suggest to consume passion flower in combination with valerian and lemon balm. All parts of Passion flower have medicinal properties. Its stems, leaves, flowers, fruits all can be used to prepare its extract.

Its fruits are good in taste. You can eat its fruits by just washing them or can make jelly, jam or drinks from them. Its extract is used by food manufacturing companies as a flavoring agent. Its fruit are very juicy with yellow pulp with black seeds. According to a recent study, passion flower is a good source of Lycopene. Lycopene is a health promoting red carotenoid pigment that is also found in tomatos, water melon and papaya.

Herbalists also use passion flower to treat patients suffering from mental tension. This fruit is also helpful in preventing tumor by reducing the damage of body cells.  Due to its aromatic properties, tea of passion flower is helpful in treating severe headache. If you are the patient of heart problem like high blood pressure, irregular heart beat etc., passion flower can do magic for you. Its regular intake can give you permanent relief from the above mentioned ailments. It is very good for enhancing memory and for improving motor skills.

It has no side effects. The intake of 1-2 grams of its extract in a day is good for those who are suffering from the problem of memory lapse and irritability. Making tea from its powder or extracts is a very simple job. Otherwise, dip 1-2 grams of this dried herb in boiled water for 15 minutes. Then you can add sugar or honey according to your taste. 2-3 cups in a day are helpful in improving memory.

Is Herbal Tea Really Beneficial for Cancer ?

There has been a lot of talk regarding herbal tea being a potential source of preventing and even treating cancer. Are these claims true or exaggerated? Let’s try to find out.

The first and foremost compounds that have been proved to prevent cancer are called ‘anti-oxidants’. These antioxidants can counter the free radicals that are produced in our body as a by-product of food absorption and assimilation. The free radicals need to be countered as they can interfere with our cells and cause damage. What’s more troubling is the fact that these free radicals are known to damage even the DNA of our cells and this often leads to cancer. Antioxidants are the most potent force against free radicals.

Now, you may ask as to why only herbal tea is linked to the treatment of cancer and not normal tea. The answer lies in the difference in the processing of these types of teas. Normal tea is fermented and processed a lot. This changes the healing capacity of the antioxidants as they get changed in form and structure. Herbal tea on the other hand is not much fermented and undergoes a minimal amount of processing so as not to alter the nature of antioxidants present in it.

Another question may arise in your mind as to whether antioxidants are really effective in case of cancer. The answer to this question has been given by many scientific studies that have been undertaken with this purpose. You would be surprised to know that when mice (who were made prone to cancer) were given antioxidants, these antioxidants automatically reached those parts of mice where cancerous cells were growing. Not only this, they even had a healing effect on the cancerous cells.

Even in the case of humans, especially in the case of women who suffer from breast cancer, herbal tea has been proven to be linked to less reappearance of cancer as compared to ladies who didn’t take herbal tea. Similarly positive results are seen in men prostate cancer. This effect was visible in the first and second stages of cancer and very high quantity of herbal tea seemed to make a difference.

Another proof is the low frequency of cancer in some Asian countries and in those countries of the world where herbal tea is consumed as a routine. For example in China and Japan, people consume a lot of quantity of herbal tea daily, ranging from 3-4 cups in China to 8-9 cups in Japan. There are many types of natural herbal tea recipes. These countries consume herbal tea in hot as well as cold form and it has become a very popular beverage there. No wonder, these people are saved from cancer to a large extent.

So, keeping in view the information given above, you should make it a habit to drink 2-3 cups of herbal tea daily. Many varieties are readily available in the market. A word of caution here. In order to avoid high intake of sugar, you should sweeten your tea with natural sweeteners, which are also easily available in the market.

What Is Herbal Medicine ?

Herbs have been playing a very important role in the field of medical science since the ancient times and they have become doubly relevant in today’s day-to-day life. Importance of herbs is mentioned in the Indian Vedas too. The question arises that how herbs can help us in curing ailments. After all, what is herbal, herbal medicine and herbal cure?

Herbs are the natural resources found in the shape of plant life around us. These plants are the base of pharmaceutical medical science. The biological functions of these plants help us to prevent and heal many diseases. These herbs are also used to enhance beauty. Many cosmetic products are available in market that are based on herbs. Alovera is used in almost every beauty product. With the use of heena leaves you can increase hair beauty without the help of experts and that too at a very low cost. These leaves also prevent sunburns and give cool effect.

Herbs are the gift of nature to human life, animal life and environment as a whole. Lichen plants are the indicators of pure and clean environment. They also help prevent soil erosion and give relief to people from the warm rays of sun in summers and in storm. These plants with their fragrance not only add taste and flavor in our food but also help us in leading a healthy life.

Ginger, Ajwain, turmeric etc. help us to fight stomach related problems like acidity and diarrhea. Turmeric is also used to get good looks. It is also used to heal minor injuries and cuts. Many people use Ajwain to get relief from itchy throat. Garlic is the natural therapy to cure hypertension.  Garlic should be used in cooking on a regular basis as it reduces the probability of cancer by increasing certain important biochemicals in our body.

These herbs are also the best antibiotics. If you are suffering from headache the inner bark of Willow tree can help you get relief. No doubt these herbs are not available in the shape of tablets and are sometimes not good in taste, but the use of herbs is safe because of no side effects. In china Ginkgo Biloba tree is used by physicians to prevent ear illnesses, memory impairments, depression, and the problems related with neurology.

Many herbs like Ginseng help in smooth blood circulation, which prevents many heart diseases. It also helps to increase beauty by giving you young looks. These herbs also improve our emotional and physical activities by reducing cholesterol level. Research has unveiled the fact that Ginseng also helps in preventing the symptoms of cancer.

Herbal cure can do magic without involving huge amounts of money. People have come to realize the fact that it is good to opt for herb cure and say no to medicines in the case of minor problems. However, you should certainly consult a doctor if you don’t get relief by using herbs in the rarest of rare cases.

Kidney Stone Natural Remedies

A stone can be formed in kidney due to improper nutrition. A proper nutrition may help in healthy functioning of the kidney, and stones will not be formed. Allopathic treatment has not proved effective but only surgery is useful to give relief. Recurrence of it is possible even after the surgery has been performed. Some herbs and natural treatment are very effective to cure its formation.

Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi): It can act as a diuretic and antiseptic to treat urinary tract infection. The formation of stones may be eliminated with the use of this herb.

Cleavers (Galium aparine): A useful herb to cure congestive kidney disorders, stones and urinary infections. It increases the flow of urine which helps to remove stones from body.

Corn silk (Zea mays): It has got mild diuretic, and antibiotic  properties, useful in may urinary problems, it helps to remove the kidney stone.

Crampbark (Viburnum opulus): It can relax the muscles and is an antispasmodic and checks infection. It may help kidney stone to be flushed out  to give relief.

Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum): It is very effective and traditionally used as a treatment for kidney stones. It has ability to dissolve the kidney stones.

Kava kava (Piper methysticum): It is very effective to have anti-anxiety and sedative properties to give relief in this problem.

Khella (Ammi visnagi): Khella is traditionally known as a herb to treat kidney stones. It is antispasmodic which can get the ureter tissue relaxed to allow the easier passage for the small stones to flush out of kidney to give relief.

Seven barks (Hydrangea arborescens): It is diuretic and helps to expel the stone. It also has properties to dissolve the stone.

Stone root (Collinsonia canadensis): This herb has got strong diuretic and astringent properties and helps to pass kidney stones.

Holy Basil juice with honey: It has amazing healing powers. The juice of its leaves should be taken with honey for five to six months. It will expel the stones via urinary tract.

Apples: It is a very good remedy for prevention of kidney stones. It is found that in communities where natural unsweetened cider is a common beverage, kidney stones are almost absent. It is always better to eat two or three apples a day to get relief from this problem. It will dissolve the kidney stones.

Figs with water: Boil two figs in water and drink it every morning for at least a month to get relief from this ailment.

Juice of Radish leaves: It is very useful home remedy for treatment of this disease. Take one cup juice of radish leaves to drink twice a day to get the stones removed from the kidney.

Lemon juice: Effective home remedy for dissolving kidney stones. Drink  lemon juice to  dissolve calcium based stones. Take plenty of water to flush it out with urine.

Natural Herbal Cure For Ear Infection

ear-infection natural cureEar infection is a common problem in children and adults as well. It may be caused by common cold or upper respiratory infection like sinusitis, tonsils and adenoids. A fever may be felt by the sufferers depending on the cause of infection with runny nose, coughing and other cold symptoms. There could be any reasons of ear infection but many medicines are prescribed to treat it. Some herbal and natural remedies are there to cure it properly.

Echinacea: It is used as tincture as well to reduce the drainage and healing is speeded up. This is effective remedy for ear infection.

Garlic: It can be heated up in an oil to be applied with cotton to place it inside the ear to help in fighting any kinds of infection.

Goldenseal: It is really effective in curing ear infection and also boost up immune system to get speedy recovery. It is available in tincture and capsules.

Green Tea: This tea is quite helpful in fighting viral infection of the ear as well. This tea can be taken twice in a day or as recommended by the doctor.

St. John’s Wort: It is very effective herb to cure ear infection. It has got anti-viral and anti-inflammatory to help in reducing infection in the ear.

Olive Leaf: It is quite useful for the relief from ear infection and is available in tincture and capsules also.

Mullein: It can relieve inflamed lining in ear canals. It is applied to the cotton to be inserted into the ear to get relief.

Holy Basil: It is very simple and effective cure for this ailment and the drops of holy basil are used to get relief.

Mango leaves: These leaves can be used for earache and it is to be boiled to put lukewarm drops into the ears to get cure from infection.

Onion juice: Try to put some boiled juice of onion into the ear to get relief from earache. This is very reliable remedy of earache and is easily available in every kitchen.

Elderberry: This is a bush with blue and black flowers and is anti-viral to treat this ailment. It will boost up the immune system and also anti-oxidant.

Tips to prevent ear infections

  • Avoid milk, cold drinks which can the worsen ear aches.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods because they can irritate the ear infections.
  • It is better to eat vegetables which are rich in minerals, vitamins and zinc and are good for keeping the ear infection and aches under control.
  • Always avoid alcohol and smoking, it will give relief from this ailment.
  • Clean the ears regularly with cotton buds and prevent water to be deposited in the ear.
  • Try to take sips of warm vegetable soups or bite or chew soft foods with teeth  to get relief from  pain.

Helpful Natural Herbs To Fight HIV-AIDS

hiv aids herbal remedy Human Immunodeficiency Virus – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV AIDS) is an infectious disease which has caused many deaths in the world. It is really a deadly disease and every body is scared to hear its name even. People who are virtually innocent are becoming victims of this disease.

HIV AIDS virus terminates the human body’s immune system. Infected body can not react or resist any viral or bacterial attacks. Even small infections can not be controlled with medicines. This condition ultimately leads to reduction of the body and death.

There are ‘four’ basic causes for spreading HIV-AIDS:

  • Using HIV infected needles during medical treatment of any disease
  • HIV Infected pregnant mother to newborn baby
  • HIV Infected blood transfusion
  • Unsafe sexual intercourse

The immune system of the body gets weaken due to  improper diet, lack of nutrition, breathing impure air, eating junk foods all the time. The immune system gets totally broken down to fight against infections or other illness. The symptoms of this disease may not be seen for years. No effective vaccine to prevent has been discovered so far and patient die without much treatment.

The nature has gifted us some herbs to help to improve immune system of the body and to fight against HIV-AIDS up to some extent.

Aloe Vera: This is very effective to boost up the immune system to fight against this infectious disease.

St.John’s Wort: This is very useful herb to enhance the immune system to fight against it to get relief.

Echinacea: This is very important herb to be used to treat this deadly disease. This can boost up the immune system which is must to get treatment of this problem.

Licorice: This is one the best herb to boost up immune system to fight against aids. It can soothe the mouth and throat ulcer which will accompany the aids.

Ginseng: It has proved very useful to treat this ailment. It can increase the immune system of the body to fight against any infectious kind of disease

Garlic is effective against viruses: It is commonly available herb and found in every kitchen to battle against bacteria and viruses.

Astragalus: This is another herb to boost the immune system to get relief from this disease. This herb can be effectively used to treat Aids. The doctor must be consulted before starting  this  herbal treatment

Ginkgo: It can be used to get relief from this disease. It has effectively been used for the treatment of many diseases including Aids.

Cat’s Claw: This is very effective medicinal plant to cure aids and many other diseases. The tea can be prepared from the root and bark to treat this disease.

Tips to Prevent HIV-AIDS:

  • It is always better to avoid the same needles and syringes which have been used by the patient of Aids. It can keep the person away from this contagious and deadly disease.
  • An intercourse with many partners should be avoided or condom be used to protect yourself from being affected with this deadly disease.
  • Transfusion of blood should not be accepted before getting the blood tested for the safety of all.
  • New or sterilized needle should be used to protect you from being affected by this disease.
  • It is always good to educate people against this deadly disease.