Health Benefits Of Brahmi Herb

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri or Indian Pennywort) is a well-known herb for enhancing memory and for increasing the activeness of mind. It is a small perennial herb of 2-3 feet length. In the month of May, June and July, Brahmi plants look very beautiful because in these months this herb is in full bloom. Brahmi bears fruits that are used to make brain tonic. Herbalists use every part of brahmi to treat brain related problems. It gives energy to brain and body.

In ancient period, teachers used this herb as a brain tonic to make their students sharp minded so that they could learn and recall everything that was taught to them by their gurus. Due to its antioxidant properties, Brahmi not only increases the capacity of brain but also is helpful in lessening anxiety, tension, pressure and nervousness. Brahmi improves the functioning of brain cells. It is a brain booster that can be found in muddy areas and is the cheapest brain tonic that you can find everywhere in India.

Brahmi rejuvenates the brain cells and reduces negativity in humans. It trims down anxiety and pressure. Due to its light (laghu) properties it helps in curing nervous congestion. By relieving nerve cells, brahmi gives relief from nervous tension and trepidation. It gives the feeling of calmness. In exam day’s brahmi should be given to children as it increases concentration power too. It makes children sharp by improving learning power. It lessens the fatigue factor and endorses brightness in mind. For the patients of Insomnia, epilepsy, convulsion and mental disorders, brahmi herb is the gift of God. For better relief, brahmi should be used habitually. Every part of this plant is used including bark, leave, branches etc. Brahmi oil is manufactured for scalp massage to rejuvenate the skin and hair.

Brahmi is also effective for proper functioning of heart. Intake of Brahmi is good for the patients of hypertension. The hypotensive element in Brahmi helps in lowering blood pressure and maintaining the temperature of body at a normal level. Due to its antioxidant properties, brahmi also acts as a filter. It kills all the toxins present in blood and improves the functioning of kidney and liver also. It raises the level of sweating and throws out all the harmful toxins from body in the form of sweat.

Herbalists use Brahmi herb to control pain during menstrual period also. It is a herb that has properties to cure cold and cough as well. The best use of this herb is that it is good for keeping you young. It retards signs of ageing and gives you feeling of youthfulness.

Due to its properties of providing calmness, Brahmi is good for relaxing brain cells. People especially women use it for controlling hair fall and dandruff. Brahmi nourishes hair from the roots. Massage of brahmi oil gives soothing effect to brain and encourages the growth of hair. For better results brahmi is advised to be used with Shankhpushpi and Gotu Kola. These three are very helpful in improving learning, retention and long term memory.

Health Benefits Of Rosemary Herb

Rosemary is a very effective aromatic herb used by herbalists for curing various diseases related to stomach, digestion, gout, insomnia and nerve system. This sacred herb was used in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt for worshiping God. These days, many companies related with cosmetic goods use this herb for giving good aroma to their products. It is also used for making perfumes and is used in the hospitals of France as an air-purifying agent. Due to its anti-septic properties, this herb is used as a preservative too. It is used by many companies to preserve meat even in hot weather.

Rosemary word is the synthesis of two Latin words – Ros and Marinus, which means Dew and Sea respectively. It belongs to the family of Laminaceae. Due to its needle shaped leaves and pink, purple, white, red and blue flowers bearing pleasant aroma, this herb is very much adored by people who have gardening tastes.

Due to its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-viral and analgesic properties, herbal scientists all over the world recommend it. This herb is very effective for ADHD children. It improves the flow of blood to brain and helps in strengthening nervous system. It strengthens the cells of brain and boosts up memory and recall power. It refreshes mind and body with its delightful aroma. It is also effective in lessening fatigue, melancholy and gloominess.

Rosemary is also helpful in giving vigor to the digestive system. It activates bile emission, enhances the quantity of urine and purifies blood. For better health and amiability, you can consume rosemary leaves as tea, tincture, capsules and light oil. Rosemary is also effective in treating liver diseases, asthma, high cholesterol and gastric problems. You can dry rosemary leaves and keep them in your kitchen for a long time. By adding dry leaves in soups, stew, and other eatables, you can add healthiness and aroma to your food.

Rosemary is a good skin tonic also. By applying rosemary oil on skin, healthy skin can be achieved over a small period of time of up to two fortnights. It gives energy and liveliness to body. You can add rosemary leaves or oil in bath water for experiencing a rejuvenating bath. It gives a young look as it helps in reducing wrinkles. It is also effective for those who want to reduce body weight. Rosemary helps in eradicating wastage from the body and improves digestion as it improves the functioning of liver.

According to recent researches in herbal science, many scientists are of the view that rosemary is very effective in fighting deadly diseases like cancer and brain related problems. Due to its antioxidant properties, rosemary protects body cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. It has monoterpenes and flavonoids that are helpful in reducing the production of free radicals. Rosemary is a good source of Vitamin E, which further helps in fighting against the production of harmful free radicals.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies With Herbs

Everyone dreams to have a perfect body shape. Obesity not only gives us a bad look but also is the root cause of many ailments. For achieving weight loss, companies advertise many products but these products usually are not effective. Some people choose dieting method for losing weight but this method is also not good because with dieting you definitely lose your weight but you also feel lazy and weak, as the level of energy decreases in the body. If you really want to reduce body weight, adopt herbal methods. By improving your diet habits and avoiding junk food you can certainly control body weight. There are many natural weight loss remedies, herbs, foods and supplements are available for effective results.

Herbs like Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea, Acai Berry, Green mint, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper etc. act on the digestive system and help in losing weight. Hoodia is a very valuable herb for plunging the appetite action; it slows down the appetite system in the brain itself without affecting the overall body energy. This herb is found in Deserts of Africa. It works psychologically and is widely used by herbalists for weight loss treatments. Hoodia is also helpful for diabetic patients. It gives an impression to the brain that the level of sugar is sufficient in blood. But excessive use of Hoodia herb is not safe because it can lead to illness, weakness and anaemia.

Acai Berry is a useful herb for reducing body weight. Due to its high nutrient values this herb helps in controlling the diet plan without any health loss. By lessening the quantity of fat, which is absorbed from foodstuffs by our body, Acai Berry is tremendous in bringing body in shape. The intake of the mixture of acai berry and fruit juice is very delicious to taste too.

Green Tea due to its caffeine and EGCG properties is helpful in reducing body weight. Green tea excites metabolism and helps burn extra calories. Intake of green tea three times a day proves to be an amazing fat burner. It is a natural herbal way, which is also safe in application.

You can replace your heavy breakfast with Fruit Smoothies for effective results. Fruit smoothies provide your body essential nutrients and calories. By adding 1 cup of rice milk, 1 cup of Soymilk, 1 cup of orange juice, one banana, 4 strawberries, 1 tablespoon of aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and some flaxseed oil, a healthy Fruit Smoothie can be made. It is very easy to blend all these ingredients in a blender. So, just drink it daily in breakfast for effective results.

Cabbage is also a useful vegetable for reducing body weight. Replace your one time meal with cabbage Salad. This will help in burning extra fat. Similarly, tomato is also very good in this regard. Two tomatoes in the breakfast for three months help in controlling body weight. It is suggested to eat salad of carrot, cabbage, radish and tomatoes in breakfast for better results. You can add lemon, black pepper, coriander and salt for taste. Drinking boiled water in the morning by adding limejuice in it is also effective in controlling body weight. This also helps in eliminating many diseases.

Herbs For Mental Focus Improvement

Good mental focus is everyone’s desire as it is necessary for getting success in life. In India there is a well-known mythological story of the marriage of Arjun with Dropadi. With proper mental focus Arjun was able to hit the eye of the fish and fulfilled the condition of marriage. Good mental focus helps an individual in recalling things and in keeping lots of data in mind. Poor mental focus surely leads towards failure and disappointment. By adopting good healthy habits of eating and living, mental focus can be improved. If you eat balanced diet and avoid junk food and caffeine containing products, mental focus can be improved without any medicine.

For effective neurological condition and for clear focus Brahmi leaves, green tea extract, gingko biloba, gotu kola, RNA (Ribonucleic) Silver, dandelion leaves, etc can be used. Brahmi leaves are also very effective for improving mental focus and for alleviating many brain related problems like ADHD, ADD, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease and poor memory. Boil Brahmi leaves with water and consume this water twice a day for better mental focus. Many herbalists also use Brahmi leaves to make hair oil. By applying brahmi oil on scalp you can reduce your fatigue. It is also useful for relaxing brain muscles, which further improves mental focus.

For better flow of blood to all parts of brain, Gingko Biloba is a very useful herb. This herb stimulates the blood flow to brain by improving the use of oxygen. Dandelion leaves are the rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin C and lecithin. This herb due to its nutrient values is very useful in improving mental focus. Eleuthero is also a good source of improving concentration. It improves attention level of humans by stimulating the flow of blood to brain. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

Chamomile herb is also very beneficial because it has anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties associated with it. It helps in curing depression, sleeplessness and anxiety. It improves mental focus and human beings can recall things quickly by consuming chamomile herb regularly. Valerian is also useful for relaxing the muscles of brain. Passion flower also relaxes the brain muscles. It calms the neurological system and improves the flow of oxygen to brain. It also rejuvenates all parts of brain especially the information processing part and recovers concentration ability in all ages.

Basil oil is also good for improving mental attention. It is an aromatic herb that stimulates the flow of blood to all parts of brain. By relaxing the brain muscles, basil oil gives strength and peace to mind. It also helps in strengthening thoughts by encouraging the level of energy. Basil oil also helps in balancing the emotions. Ginseng herb also improves memory power. It acts like a protective layer that protects brain from the ill effects of stress and tension.

Natural Skin Care With Herbs

natural skin care herbalSkin problems are very difficult to control and are recurrent. Stress and poor diet will cause to flare-ups. The body may sometimes become resistant to the steroid creams and given medicines. There are numerous herbal, natural and easy remedies for eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, flaky skin.

Vitamin E can prevent the skin problems. It is easily available in diets which are rich in olive oil, safflower oil and vegetable oil. Vitamin E is also available in the capsules form. Redness, puffiness and scaling can be reduced by taking lavender oil.

Licorice Root:It is really useful for skin problems because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Flaxseed Seed and Oil: This herb and oil is giving relief to the sufferers of skin diseases.

Calendula: Relief can be got from this effective herb for skin problem.

Witch Hazel: It is quite effective herb to solve this skin problem and it is anti-inflammatory.

Dandelion: This is a  good herbal treatment for natural skin, usually used in cream form.

Chamomile, Chicory, Cornflower, Garlic, Lantana, Savory are very effective herbal cures to get natural and healthy skin. In various skin problems, these can be used without any side effects.

Lime Juice: Try to use some lime juice in a glass of boiled whole milk with a teaspoon of glycerin and stir it well. The mixture may be applied every night before going to sleep for a fresh, healthy and young looking skin. It can also stop the build-up of acne.

Skin of Peach(Prunus persica): Try to make use of the inside of the peach skin to gently massage the face every night before going to bed. It will allow the skin to get cleansed and frees the pores allowing the skin to breathe easily. Its astringent properties will help the muscle of the face get tightened and also preventing it from being sagged.

Orange and Carrot: Make a mixture of two tablespoons of milk with one tablespoon each of carrot and orange juice to a ground paste of blanched and dried almonds and then apply it all over face and neck. Now try to leave on for half an hour before washing it off. It will aid to remove scars and blemishes from the face and   also prevents acne.

Apple: It is advised that an apple is an excellent tonic to fight the rigors of oily skin. Mixture of one tablespoon of apple juice with one-fourth teaspoon of lime juice can be made and applied on face. Healthy glowing skin and free of acne can be experienced by anybody.

Watermelon and Tangerine: Vitamin C is extremely good for a glowing complexion. It is a good remedy to apply freshly squeezed tangerine liberally over the entire face and even forehead. It is also good to treat acne. The juice of watermelon is also effective in removing blemishes on the skin.