Herbal Remedies For Infertility In Women

Sterility means infertility or incapability of producing a child. Both males and females can be its prey. In men, infertility means incapability to fertilize egg of female and in females it means lack of ability to deliver a living child. Inability to give birth in men may be due to low size of sperm, high pesticides in food, deficiency of vitamin A, B & E, intake of junk food, depression, stress, anxiety and fear. Men should strictly avoid junk food, fatty food, alcohol, undue smoking and excessive tea and coffee.

In females, many physical and psychological causes are responsible for sterility. Physical defects, blockage in sexual organs, syphilis, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, excessive constipation and obesity are some of its causes. It can also affect females if they lose their essential glands or organs of reproduction due to some illness or injury. Depression, stress, anxiety and fear are the psychological causes responsible for it. Psychological causes can be cured by consulting psychoanalysts and by co-operating and balanced behavior of the family. Many effective natural infertility treatments are available especially for women, who are not suffering from a major physical fertility defect.

Powder of the roots of banyan tree is highly beneficial herbal remedy for infertility in women. Intake of 20 gram powder of banyan root with milk before going to bed for 3 days is fruitful for removing some kind of infertility. The proportion of milk and powder should be of 1:5. Do not eat anything after this medicine. This medicine is very useful if one consumes it after the completion of menstrual cycle every month till conception occurs.

Leaves of Jamun fruit is also very a useful treatment in this regard. For making juice of jambul leaves, boil 20 gm tender leaves of jambul fruit in 250 ml of water for 10-12 minutes and then keep it for 2 hours. Mix some honey or butter milk in it and drink this infusion after an interval of 3 days for a month.

Winter cherry also known as Ashwagandha is also a valuable herb in this matter. It helps in reformation of cells. Glycosides, tropine, and amino acids present in it make it a very useful herb for treating sterility. Intake of 6 gm of winter cherry powder with one glass of milk daily at night after the end of menstruation period is highly beneficial.

Balanced diet is a key factor in treating sterility. Seeds, nuts, vegetables, milk, honey, cheese, curd, fruits and lots of water should be an integral part of daily diet. Eat maximum percentage of your food in its natural form, i.e. uncooked because cooking destroys certain vital nutrients essential in this regard. Vitamin C, E and zinc are highly helpful in increasing human reproduction power. Women, who are infertile, should consume 1000mg of vitamin C, 30 mg of zinc and 100 LD of vitamin E daily.

Eggplants are also effective in treating sterility. It should be cooked very carefully so that its nutritious value is not damaged. Regular intake of eggplant can improve reproduction ability.

Exercise is also suggested for reducing obesity. Prefer brisk walk in the morning and evening for reducing weight. Eat salad in good quantity once a day in place of food to reduce weight without any weakness. This will brighten your chances of being a parent.