Health Benefits Of Radish

Radish (Sativus) is well known all around the world as a part of salad. Radish is a juicy vegetable and its taste is sweet and hot also. It is very crispy in eating, so people love to eat radish in the raw form in salad. Some people also cook it as a dish. In this dish people add its leaves also. Radish is available in many colours like white, red, pink, purple and black. It is available in two shapes – cylindrical and round.

It belongs to the Barssicaceae family. In some parts of the world radish is also known as Daiken. It is believed that radish has been cultivated in southern Asia and Egypt since 2780 BC. In the beginning, its colour was black and later on white radish was grown in the fields.

Radish was an admired vegetable in ancient Greece. Herbalists of that time advised to eat radish for lowering the impact of alcohol. Radish is a good source of Vitamin C, energy and carbohydrates. It also contains dietary fiber, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium, vitamin B1, iron, magnesium etc.

It belongs to the family of brassica group and is good for the prevention of cancer of lungs and alimentary tract. It puts a stop on the configuration of carcinogens in the body and blocks cancer causing elements from responding with responsive body tissues. It contains isothiocyanates in it, which are useful in preventing cancer.

There are many health benefits of white radish or daikon radish. It is also used to treat patients of jaundice. Its leaves are very useful in this regard. Radish puts a check on the destruction of red blood cells in patients affected with jaundice. Radish acts as a blood purifier. By purifying blood it provides oxygen to blood cells for better health. It is also good for the health of liver.

Radish is also beneficial in urinary disorders. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing inflammation in the urinary tract. It also prevents kidney infections. By the cleansing of kidneys, radish removes toxic elements from the blood. It is also advised for the patients of constipation.

As radish contains a lot of water in it, it is good for those who want to lose their body weight. Radish fills your tummy without giving you calories. It is very good for those who are on dieting. Radish is full of nutrients so it is advised to eat radish daily. But avoid eating it at night because it can cause acidity.

Radish is also good for the health of skin. It is a great source of Vitamin C & B, zinc and phosphorous. These nutrients are good for skin health. It is used by beauticians as an ingredient of face packs also. Mashed raw radish is also used as a body cleanser. You can also apply its juice on rashes and minor cracks.  Its juice is also good for treating insect bites and bee stings.

Health Benefits Of Acai Berry

Acai berry has been endorsed by many celebrities and has been promoted a lot in the media. These berries grow in countries like Peru and Brazil. These grow on acail palm trees. Acai berries are believed to have a number of health benefits so the use is spreading fast around the world. These berries are the size of grapes and are dark purple in color. These are harvested twice a year and are pulpy and juicy with a large sized seed. These are often used as a drink. The pulp or its extract is mixed with soda or fruit juice.

Being rich with antioxidant properties, if consumed on regular basis it helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. The effect can be felt in about two hours. The person who consumes these berries feels an increase in the energy level. It also helps increase mental activity and clarity, encourages sound sleep and a better digestive system. As the toxins are removed, the blood circulation in the human body increases, improving the general health and encouraging weight loss.

As the Acai berries help improve blood circulation, it reaches in all areas of the body in adequate quantity thus slowing down the aging process. The skin also gets healthier and the cholesterol gets regulated. Our heart, which is made up of the muscles, gets toned up and become stronger. The improved blood circulation also accelerates healing process of injuries caused due to hurting of skin or muscles.

Due to pollution and exposure to chemicals, we are continuously exposed to harmful toxins. Toxins also enter our body due to pesticides used while growing eatables, certain types of fish, heavy metals and chloroform found in washing soaps etc. These toxins are harmful to human system. They restrict the blood circulation in out body and are a major cause of damage to skin. These make the body lifeless and the person feels sleepy and lethargic. Due to restricted blood supply the energy level in brain also decreases. Antioxidants present in Acai berries helps fight these toxins and cures the body of the above stated ills.

Consumption of Acai berries in any form helps to reintroduce nutritional elements otherwise lacking in our diet. Consumption of these nutrients helps the body to function in the manner it should be under normal circumstances.

Acai berries or the juice or pulp of the berries, can be added to everything like cooked food for taste change, in salads as dressing, smoothies and cocktails. The taste is quite different so you need to get used to it before you start to relish this drink or additive in salads. Berries are quite perishable so these are processed and the juice stored in bottles. These products are available in stores all around the world.

Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber (cucmis sativus) belongs to the family of zucchini, pumpkin, and watermelon. Cucumbers are a very good source of Vitamin A, C, fiber and folic acid. This nutritious food contains good quantity of minerals also in its outer layer. Magnesium, silica, molybdenum and potassium are present in the hard outer skin of cucumber. Cucumber is used the world over in the shape of salad. Some people also like to eat cucumber as pickle. Cucumbers that are used to be eaten fresh as salad are known as Slicing cucumbers and for pickles Gherkins cucumbers are specifically cultivated.

Cucumbers are native to Africa but are also found in southern Asia.  In ancient Greek, Egypt and Rome, cucumber was used by people not only as a food item but also as a medicine for treating skin problems. Louis XIV was the great appreciator of cucumber. It was also popular in ancient Europe and America. The cylindrical shape and green color makes cucumber a good material to decorate the plate too.

Various varieties of cucumber are available in market. About 6-9 inch in length, cucumbers are available in market in two colors – green and white.  Yellow and puffy cucumbers should be avoided. Cucumber is a little bit bitter in taste so it is advised that before eating cucumber just cut a thin slice of cucumber from the top and rub it on the head of cucumber. Then it releases some foamy water. By applying this method its bitterness can be removed effectively.

As it is the beginning of summers, the intake of cucumber can give you a cooling effect. Most of the part of cucumber contains water. The water element is helpful in lessening the warmness of summers. People eat cucumber especially in the hot months-May to July in India. It gives taste as well as freshness. Cucumber is also suggested for healthy skin.

In summers, skin rashes, inflammation and sunburns are common problems. By applying grated cucumber on the affected part, you can get relief. Cucumber is also eye-friendly. After a tired day you can relax your beautiful eyes by putting slices of cucumber on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. It also gives relief in case of eye swelling. Due to caffeic acid and ascorbic component, cucumber is useful for skin and eyes. It also gives strength to our connective tissues.

Cucumber flesh contains ascorbic acid and the hard skin contains fiber, silica and potassium. The silica element is very beneficial for the health of connective tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Silica is also used in beauty products and is good for improving the complexion of skin. High water content of cucumber keeps your skin lustrous.

Cucumber is also helpful in treating the problem of high blood pressure. According to a study, potassium, fiber and magnesium present in cucumber make it highly useful in maintaining balanced level of blood pressure. Cucumber is also not much costly, is easily available and suits your taste as well.  So, make it a necessary part of your diet. Today only!

Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a rich source of vitamin C. One amla contains as much Vitamin C as two oranges. Amla is a fruit of a deciduous plant that is a native tree of India. People in India use amla as Powder, Murraba, Pickle and in Juice form. Amla is a rich source of chromium that is beneficial in controlling diabetes. It excites the isolated grouping of cells and encourages the hormone insulin and thus lessens the level of sugar in blood. Due to its anti-oxidant properties it helps in curing various diseases.

Amla is good source of Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B too. Amla is good for boosting the immune system. To keep your body fit and digestive system in good order, intake of two Amla per day is suggested. For effective results, Amla should be taken empty stomach in the morning as it energizes the digestive system. Due to its richness of fiber content and low level of sugar, Amla is the most powerful agent of freshness for any age group. It is also good for the heart.

Amla fruit also helps in curing the most common problem-acidity. For quick relief dip two to three amlas in one glass of water and boil them for 4 to 5 minutes. You can add sugar or honey in it. Intake of this water twice a day is effective in killing acidity in a very natural way.

Amla oil is also magnificent for skin and hair. By taking amla regularly, you can get good shiny and glossy skin. For better results, amla should be taken with neem. It helps in treating pimples and dryness. In India many people use amla water for washing hair. For this, dip 200 gram amla with 100 gram of shikakai in a container of clay. Keep this for 3-4 days and then apply this water on scalp twice a week. It gives blackness, shine and strength to hair. Massage with amla oil is also very good for the health of hair. Many oil and shampoo manufacturing companies use amla in a variety of their products. Amla also helps in reducing gray hair.

For players, athletes and those who exercise regularly, the intake of amla exhibits good results. It helps in improving the health of liver. Amla is also very beneficial in reducing body weight. Amla helps the immune system in burning body fats and helps in keeping our body in shape. Amla boosts metabolism and is also useful in controlling cholesterol level.

Amla extract is very much effective for improving eye vision too. Herbalists prescribe Amla juice with some honey for good eyesight. It is beneficial for those who suffer from near sightedness and cataracts. Amla acts as a purifying agent also. It purifies blood and gives strength to liver. Amla is suggested to those who suffer from liver disorder and who have respiratory problems. In fact, it should be made an inseparable part of our daily diet.